Finally! Bestselling Author Guy Finley Reveals How You Can
Shatter Any Addiction...
Break Any Bad Habit!
Yes, it's true!
If you're struggling to break a bad habit -- whether it's alcohol, drugs, smoking, gambling, overeating, harmful relationship patterns, overindulgence in sex, chronic procrastination, incessant stress and anxiety, or any other agonizing limitation -- then this may be the most important message you will ever read.
Because today Guy Finley reveals -- in his brand new eBook, Breaking Dependency -- the astounding, little-known facts that make it possible for you to erase any bad habit... any addiction... any relentless temptation... permanently.
From this moment on, forget everything you've been told about how to free yourself from bad habits and addictions. Forget everything you've believed about the seemingly insurmountable power these conditions hold over you.
Because today -- through a technique that is nothing short of groundbreaking -- you're going to learn how to use the power of understanding to defeat these venomous monsters in a way that will alter the entire course of your life.

Breaking Addiction:
How Understanding Overpowers Habit

It doesn't matter how many years the condition has hounded you. And it doesn't matter how many times you've tried and failed to break the habit on your own. Because you're about to discover a powerful understanding that can slice right through the center of even the most deeply ingrained bad habits.
Best of all, what you're going to learn can accomplish these marvelous results without the terrible side effects so common with traditional and ineffective "willpower approaches":
1. You won't spend your days battling craving after craving.
2. You won't be pulled down by miserable mood swings or grumpiness over what you're "missing."
3. You won't sit and wish you could go back to the way things used to be.
4. You'll finally pull yourself out of the terrible cycle that runs from temptation to resistance and right back to caving in again.
5. In short, you'll finally get your life back.
I realize of course that these claims may sound incredible to you -- UNTIL YOU UNDERSTAND ONE EXTRAORDINARY FACT:

Shocking Revelation:
The Disastrous Misunderstanding
That Has Made It Virtually Impossible
to Break Bad Habits
...And How You Can Correct It!

What you're about to discover may prove to be one of the most important revelations of your life.
That's why I ask you to read these next sections as carefully as possible. Because contained within them is an insight so incredibly shocking, and yet so immensely powerful, it alone could put you squarely on the path to total, unconditional freedom.
I'd like you to take a few moments to study the six pictures below. Each one exemplifies a specific kind of experience we're all familiar with. Experiences you've no doubt encountered in your own struggle to overcome a persistent bad habit.
After you examine them, I'm then going to ask you to answer one crucial question...

Now that you've given them a close examination, I'd like you to look them over one last time while you ponder this one life-altering question:
At what point did this man ACTUALLY give in to his addiction?
The answer to this one question holds within it the power to alter your understanding of bad habits and addictions so radically, so fundamentally, that you will never again face them in the same way.
Most people believe the man gives in to his addiction at point D -- the point where he caves in and eats the chocolate cake.
But the truth is shockingly different.
Because the correct answer -- as impossible as it may seem -- is:
A, B, C, D, E, & F!
That's right. Every one of these actions is a secret extension of his addiction. And every last one of them marks a point at which he succumbs to that addiction!
Yes! That even includes his seemingly "positive" thoughts... AND his temporary victories... AND YES, even his fervent resolve to beat the addiction once and for all!
I realize of course that this flies in the face of everything you've ever been taught about how to conquer these addictions. So let's make it as clear as possible.
Here is the key to understanding this startling assertion:

Pull Back the Curtain on What Is Secretly
Strengthening Those Bad Habits!

If you look closely at the pictures, what you'll discover is this: Every one of the man's thoughts and actions is born FROM his addiction. It's the addiction itself that gives rise to EVERY step in the sequence, and it's the addiction that breathes life into EVERY thought and EVERY action this man takes, both "negative" AND "positive."
But the addiction does more than just breathe life into those responses. IT'S ACTUALLY THE ADDICTION ITSELF THAT DETERMINES what the man thinks, and how he responds, as incredible as that may sound. And there's a simple way to prove it: When the temptation to take a drink or have a smoke or skip a workout enters your mind, wouldn't you say it's ALWAYS THE SAME TYPE of reactionary thoughts that spring into action, no matter what the habit is: "No! Not this time! I promised myself I wouldn't give in!"
Believe it or not, it's now known that those thoughts are a secret extension of the addiction... they come directly out of the bad habit. They're not really fighting to defeat the habit the way it's always seemed. Instead, they perpetuate it. In fact, those words are spoken by the addictive nature itself.
So it turns out ALL OF THESE THOUGHTS AND ACTIONS ARE PART OF THE ADDICTION! And as long as we continue to be deceived by them -- believing that some of them are helping us to escape -- the addiction or bad habit will live on indefinitely.

This One Fact Could
Change the Entire Course of Your Life...

Do you see what this means?
It means that every one of these thoughts and actions SECRETLY STRENGTHENS THE ADDICTION. Every one of them!
It means that by the time you find yourself engaged in ANY of these actions, by the time you find yourself thinking ANY of these thoughts, it's too late. The addiction has you by the throat. And there's no way it's going to let go. At that point it becomes a waiting game. And the addictive nature will outlast you every single time.
Astonishing, isn't it? All these years. All that excruciating effort to quit drinking, stop smoking, keep exercising, quit spending, stop binging. And the whole time the approach was laced with this unbelievable form of self-sabotage.
You may not realize it yet, but you now hold in your hand a nugget of wisdom whose value is immeasurable. Without it, virtually all attempts to break out of these bad habits would be doomed from the very beginning.
But it still raises a very important question: "What, then, does it take to break a bad habit?"
And the good news is that the life-rescuing answer to that one crucial question is the entire focus of Guy Finley's new eBook, Breaking Dependency: Learning to Let Go and Be Free From the Inside Out.

How Do You Break an Addiction?
This NEW eBook Shows You the Way!

The path to breaking any dependency -- the path that actually works -- is known by surprisingly few. You could be seated amongst the crowd in a football stadium and chances are not one person there could tell you how to do it. That's why the information in Guy Finley's groundbreaking eBook is so revolutionary. It shows you the inner workings of the addictive nature so clearly, and so comprehensively, that you will at last know the secrets to escaping these terrible demons for good.
If you're still struggling with a habit you just can't shake, then don't wait. Get yourself a copy of this amazing 65-page eBook and immerse yourself in it. Breaking Dependency is available as a downloadable PDF eBook, which means you can begin reading it just a few short minutes from now... TODAY!
Best of all, the cost is just $7.98 and it even includes a Bonus MP3 of an EXCLUSIVE 1-1/2 hour "Breaking Dependency" Q&A with Guy Finley! That's right! Listen to this Q&A with bestselling author Guy Finley to help you master these principles and put them into action! And to top it off, you'll also receive a bonus 1-hour audio program See Through the Secret Nature of Addiction... FREE! And as always you're fully protected by our 30-day return policy.
Whatever you do, don't wait. Your ability to walk away once and for all from that bad habit is at stake. So take a moment right now to place your order by clicking the button below.

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Guy Finley's Revolutionary New eBook on Addiction
Breaking Dependency:
Learning to Let Go and Be Free From the Inside Out

Includes an Exclusive Live Webinar with Guy Finley Plus a 1 Hour Bonus Seminar on MP3
Just $7.98

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Your Path to Authentic Self-Mastery

Here's what I suggest you do after you download your copy of Breaking Dependency:
Later tonight, after dinner is cleaned up and the kids have climbed into bed, print yourself a copy or open it up on your Kindle. Then get your highlighters ready, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and nestle onto the couch. Because you're going to discover what may be the most groundbreaking instruction for eliminating addictions and bad habits that's ever been written.
Remember, Guy Finley has spent nearly 40 years uncovering and honing the breakthrough understanding found in this booklet. That's why every one of its 65 golden pages is bursting with insight.
For example:
On page 1 you're shown the little-known misunderstanding that drives the entire cycle of addiction. This knowledge will be key in your eventual triumph over your condition.
On page 6 you find out what gives cravings and temptations their immense power over you. This understanding also explains why it's possible to give up a bad habit without suffering insatiable cravings or withdrawal symptoms.
On page 12 you learn the extraordinary internal dynamic that keeps you chained to any addiction. It also explains why, in so many instances, one addiction merely gets replaced by another, instead of being given up completely.
On page 14 you're shown why fighting with a temptation is no different from giving in to it, and this explains why virtually all efforts to free yourself actually strengthen the addiction. This one insight alone and the incredible edge it gives you would be worth the entire price of this package.
On page 16 you're given the one life-changing insight that brings total independence from any addictive pattern.
And that's only just the beginning. From there you move on to...
Page 20 where you're shown why the final undoing of any addictive pattern comes only through your total understanding of the condition, and NOT through some Herculean effort to overpower it. Think of this as the sly man's way to outsmart a cowardly bully.
On pages 25-36 you're given a tremendously powerful set of insights for severing all forms of harmful codependency in your relationships. That's right. No more on-again-off-again affection. No more senseless fighting. And no more nerve-racking drama.
On page 37 you learn how to make yourself immune to the painful sensation of being alone... immune to the dreaded feelings of inadequacy... immune to the worried and fearful thoughts about the future. Through this special immunity you're protected from the disease of modern-day discontent.
And that's still only just the beginning!

Now You Can Break ANY Bad Habit...
Even the Ones You Never Realized You Had!

This revolutionary understanding works for more than just "Substance Abuse." This is for all forms of dependency, even the sneaky ones you don't always see. Here's a small sample of this material's wide range of application: (Note: some of these conditions may not seem like addictions at first glance, but I can assure you, they are among the most powerful addictions known.)
1. Alcohol
2. Smoking
3. Drugs
4. Gambling
5. Overeating, weight loss issues, addiction to exercise
6. Harmful relationship patterns, codependency, heartache
7. Overindulgence in sexual activity
8. Shopping addictions, over-spending, living beyond your means
9. Addictions to work, insatiable ambition, fear of failure
10. Video gaming, Internet and social media addictions
11. Chronic clutter and poor organization
12. Incessant craving for approval from others
13. Obsessive compulsive disorder
14. PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
15. Deeply entrenched grudges amongst family, friends, or coworkers
16. Recurring stress, anxiety, worry, anger, or depression
17. Inability to let go of the past
18. countless others!
Read It Cover to Cover
Entirely At Our Risk...

It is literally impossible for me to convey, even in a message like this, all of the incredible benefits, insights, and techniques contained in this eBook. That's why we give you 30 full days to put it to the test.
Not only does it show you the pitfalls that have sabotaged your best efforts to break these bad habits, but it goes on from there to show you the unthinkable new way to meet and defeat them once and for all.
But you try it completely at our risk. If at any point within the next 30 days you are not amazed and invigorated by everything you learn, simply let us know and you'll receive every cent of your purchase price back.
And don't forget, this package includes two additional items...

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Two Powerful Bonus Items!

Including an EXCLUSIVE Recording of a 1-1/2 Hour Q&A
with Guy Finley on Breaking Dependency

Place your order today and not only will you receive Guy Finley's extraordinary new eBook, but you'll also receive two fantastic bonus items, including a 1-1/2 hour audio recording of an exclusive Q&A with Guy Finley to help you stay on track!

Bonus Item #1: Breaking Dependency Webinar with Guy Finley
1-1/2 Hour Recorded Discussion and Q&A Dialogue on MP3

Here's your chance to hear Guy Finley in an intimate setting as he goes step-by-step through the crucial points in Breaking Dependency. If you're struggling with an addiction of any kind, then do not miss this rare recording, available only with this offer!
  • Listen along as Guy answers the really tough questions about addiction.
  • Get clarification and deeper insight into the subtler points of Breaking Dependency.
  • Find out more about the traps and pitfalls that keep bad habits in place.
  • Discover the practical tools, exercises, and Do's and Don'ts for resolving your condition.

Bonus Item #2: See Through the Secret Nature of Addiction
1-Hour Downloadable MP3 Seminar by Guy Finley

In this packed, 1-hour program, Guy Finley uses the common addiction of smoking to illustrate how addictions are first formed, then sustained. At last you will understand how the accompanying thoughts and feelings surrounding your addiction have not only kept it firmly in place, but strengthened it with each passing day.
Here's just a sample of what you'll learn in this program:
  • How the addiction itself limits you to thoughts and actions that secretly feed the addiction... even in those times when you're sure you're working against it!
  • The one mistake that guarantees the addictive pattern will repeat.
  • The one vital fact you must know if you hope to rise above the addictive nature.
  • Revealed: The step-by-step process for breaking an addiction.
Return to the Life You Had
Before That Bad Habit

There is a crucial moment in every addiction, in every bad habit, that you must be prepared to meet. Those who are prepared to meet that moment correctly are the ones who will break the habit for good.
Up until now, all we've known is the wrong way to meet that moment. Not only is it wrong, but as you've just seen, it's disastrous.
Using the material in this package, you will learn how to get back to that very crucial moment... back to that moment where the decision was unknowingly made to give your life over to something that doesn't care about you one bit.
Standing there, for the very first time, you will finally have the power and the wisdom it takes to put the addictive nature behind you.
Don't endure another day in this prison! Use the button below to place your order right now and get started on the path to authentic freedom!

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Guy Finley's Revolutionary New eBook on Addiction
Breaking Dependency:
Learning to Let Go and Be Free From the Inside Out

Includes an Exclusive Live Webinar with Guy Finley Plus a 1 Hour Bonus Seminar on MP3
Just $7.98

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Tim Weichman
Director, New Product Development
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P.S. It's a well-known fact that 92% of all attempts to break bad habits are destined to fail. This is your chance to join the other 8%. Breaking Dependency: Learning to Let Go and Be Free From the Inside Out gives you the tools and the understanding you need to dissolve any bad habit, any addiction, any commanding temptation, no matter how long it's been a part of your life. Plus, you receive the added advantage of getting access to the recording of Guy Finley's Exclusive Breaking Dependency Q&A Webinar, in addition to the 1-hour bonus program, Seeing Through the Secret Nature of Addiction. And as always, you're protected by our full 30-day return policy, so you have all the time you need to try it out.
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"Breaking Dependency is a genuinely inspirational, powerful book! It gives the recipe to true freedom, how to break the devastating grip of addiction, and start building a life of deep love [and] joy independent of outer circumstances." — Sharon S.
"Guy Finley, you have changed my life. Thank you for what you do and how you do it. You have revealed to me the simple truths of my mind, of my life and opened up doors I didn't even know were there. I am eternally grateful." — Mary G., Great Falls, MT
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"I thank Guy Finley and you all from the depth of myself for truly reaching me and allowing me to finally and clearly know what choosing freedom feels like." — Kareen R., United Kingdom
"The words of wisdom and the passion felt listening to Guy Finley go straight to the core. Initially that passion felt somewhat overwhelming. I'm deeply moved often with tears and say thank you for the richness of the message. In my journey to live in peace in the light, at one with myself and life, more than twenty nine years of inner and outer exploration, Guy is now one of my precious mentors." — Pauline T., Isumi-shi Chiba-ken, Japan
"Thank you for opening my spiritual eyes. I see with more clarity than I have ever seen before!" —  Kathryn F., Waukesha, WI
"Thank you, Mr Finley, for helping me so much with your talks and lessons. I feel like a child who is being shown a glimpse into a world I never even knew existed, though I have forever thought it did." — Lourdes L., Portugal
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