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“I am completely blown away with Guy Finley's writings; suffice to say I am mesmerized!! How much I love great Spiritual Masters! [...] Thank you ever so much.”

— Calliope S.

“The Meditative Life cd's are in my car and I listen to them constantly! Thank you for a simple straightforward and life-changing message! Thank you So Much!”

— Vicki S., Fort Wayne, IN

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“Guy explains the difference between really living and just going through the motions, and urges us never to settle for less than the real thing. If where you are in life is not where you want to be, Guy will help you close the gap.”

— Dr. Arron Grow, Personal Best Radio

“If you want to free your mind, lose your inhibitions and erase the fears that hold you back in life, fears that threaten to keep you shackled to a mundane existence, then you must read this book.”

— Darren G. Burton, author of Real Life Dramas

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  • Success of the Soul (Writing - 3/9/03)

    Insights in the the nature of real spiritual success.

  • What Must Be Done (Writing - 6/13/04)

    Real faith, explains Guy Finley, requires unwavering immersion in the unknown territory outside of one's Self.

  • Let What You Like Lead You All the Way to Self-Liberation (Writing - 9/28/04)

    Each time we listen to -- and work with -- that part of us which knows what is right and true, explains Guy Finley, we strengthen our relationship with all…[more]

  • Giving Yourself (and Others) Room to Grow (Writing - 11/14/04)

    In order to give others the space they need in which to grow, says Guy Finley, we must first make room within ourselves.

  • Faith (Writing - 3/1/07)

    Guy Finley discusses fulfillment of our purpose for living through success of the soul, and the trials of life that test our faith. Learn more about the truth that "all…[more]

  • Being Real (Writing - 1/21/08) I.
    Only when Thou art with me. Real...I am,
    Lives in remembrance of Thee.

  • The Cost of Conscious Peace (Writing - 10/26/09)

    Never speak out of anger, Never act out of fear, Never choose from impatience, But wait... and peace will appear.

  • The Full Faith That Frees You (Audio 3:30 - 11/29/09)

    In this podcast, Guy Finley talks about the often misunderstood idea of faith, and how we can come to the true, bold understanding that we are made for everything that…[more]

  • The Journey From Faith to Freedom (Audio 6:47 - 4/1/10)

    In this podcast, Guy Finley talks about how true faith, born out of seeing the real need for a fearless life, can point the way toward an authentic, everlasting inner…[more]

  • The Secret of Letting Go (Video 1:46 - 6/1/09)

    Guy Finley explains the secret of letting go and how it's only through letting go that we are given something better than what life has asked us to give up.

  • Keeping Bright the Light of Life (Audio 4:56 - 5/20/13)

    In this short talk, Guy explains how we cannot fail if we will persevere through our darkest moments, because the light never fails to illuminate what presently hides in the…[more]

  • The Power of Persistence (Writing - 6/10/13)

    There is tremendous power in having a single direction and persisting without wavering.

  • The Heart of Pure Prayer (Audio 3:21 - 9/3/13)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley explains that true prayer is not intended to be something that we do in order to achieve or acquire something for ourselves so that…[more]

  • Your Protection from Devils (Writing - 4/7/14)

    Your protection from devils and their dark, deceptive ways lies within your ability to recognize them as devils.

  • Choose in Favor of Self-Command (Writing - 9/15/14)

    Choose to live from a free mind and you have chosen in favor of owning your own life.

  • Find the One Love That Will Never Leave You (Video 2:37 - 12/26/14)

    Guy Finley explains that when you feel betrayed by God, the actual betrayal is that your own mind would lead you to believe that God deserts those who love him.

  • Find and Fulfill the Promise of Yourself (Writing - 1/19/15)

    We should never measure ourselves according to our "possibilities" because all such estimations of self are always based in secretly embraced evaluations of our own past.

  • Live From the Celestial Will That Won't Ever Let You Down (Audio 2:07 - 3/26/15)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley talks about a spiritual paradox: that our level of freedom in this world is determined by how willing we are to be commanded by…[more]

  • Stop Feeling Empty (Writing - 6/8/15)

    The more you will step into the emptiness you fear, the sooner you will see that your immortal Self can never be empty any more than a sky without clouds…[more]

  • Step Into the Unknown (Writing - 6/22/15)

    Regardless of how dark or empty any given moment may first appear, it acts only as a herald of the living light he needs to see his way home to…[more]

  • You Are Created to Change (Writing - 1/4/16)

    The unimaginable reward of persisting through whatever stands in your way is the eventual and inevitable discovery that you are created to change.

  • Rise Above Earthly Cares (Writing - 2/21/16)

    One of our deepest spiritual longings is to be able to face, without fear, whatever trouble comes our way because the strength we need to do so is already a…[more]

  • The Winds of Faith (Writing - 5/16/16)

    The great journey leading to the immortal Self does not begin with fact but in faith untested.

  • Use Your Practical Experiences to Realize True Spiritual Principles (Audio 2:03 - 5/18/16)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley explains how a true spiritual principle becomes self-evident when we are willing to see ourselves as we are in the moment of contact with…[more]

  • Use Your Practical Experiences to Realize True Spiritual Principles (Video 2:33 - 6/21/16)

    In this short video, Guy Finley explains how a true spiritual principle becomes self-evident when we are willing to see ourselves as we are in the moment of contact with…[more]

  • Be One with the Light of Life (Writing - 10/2/17)

    There is a greater potential in what we don't yet know about this life of ours than there is in what we've already seen about it.

  • Release Your Fear of Any Mountain Before You (Writing - 11/21/17)

    The real power behind faith is found in the Light within us that shows us what's true, and what's not, about who and what we are in reality.