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Notes from grateful readers.

“The words of wisdom and the passion felt listening to Guy Finley go straight to the core. Initially that passion felt somewhat overwhelming. I'm deeply moved often with tears and say thank you for the richness of the message. In my journey to live in peace in the light, at one with myself and life, more than twenty nine years of inner and outer exploration, Guy is now one of my precious mentors.”

— Pauline T., Isumi-shi Chiba-ken, Japan

“I have been using Guy's material for a while and it has been a lifesaving tool for me. My Ipod is filled with your audios and I listen to them every day to inspire and transform thoughts and feelings and fears that used to undermine me. It has seen me through the illnesses and death of loved ones and the challenges of owning a business in a changing economic world. Most of all it has helped me to find delight in life.”

— Tracey R., Melville, Australia

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“I whole-heartedly endorse The Seeker, The Search, The Sacred with confidence that it will open the reader's eyes to the beauty and majesty of Eternal Truth.”

— Desi Arnaz Jr., Actor and Producer

“Guy Finley's book, The Essential Laws of Fearless Living, is substantive and to the point...two words that usually don't work together. But easy reading never had such an impact on my life like this. Guy reminds us that everything we need is within us and sometimes we just need to remember how to get there.”

— Betsy Chasse, producer, What the Bleep Do We Know?

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  • Free Yourself by Seeing Yourself: 9 Ways to Heal the Hidden Hurting in You (Writing - 2/22/03)

    Consciousness of any unwanted condition in us must precede its correction, just as the rising sun dismisses the fear hiding in the darkness of night.

  • Self-Pity (Writing - 8/4/03)

    Guy Finley shows how we can muster the courage to stop giving ourselves over to self-pity and identification with dark states. He explains that instead of following and falling into…[more]

  • Self-Correction Is Self-Elevation (Writing - 9/1/03)

    A short writing by Guy Finley showing how Higher Freedom comes to us in direct proportion to what we are willing to learn about ourselves

  • Sadness (Writing - 10/1/04)

    Guy Finley explains how thoughts and images of the past still have the power to overwhelm us with sadness in the present, and how we can let go of our…[more]

  • Five Great Illusions Keeping You from Letting Go (Writing - 10/27/07)

    Guy Finley urges us to see through false illusions that keep us from letting go.

  • Two Words at the Heart of True Salvation (Audio 10:14 - 7/17/08)

    In this podcast, Guy Finley reveals two incredibly powerful words that can help any sincere heart wake up to God's Life.

  • Don't Let Broken Expectations Bring You Down! (Audio 12:02 - 11/25/08)

    In this podcast, Guy Finley explains how expectations, while being necessary for daily living, can also become the source of conflict within us when we identify with the outcome of…[more]

  • Never Feel Disappointed With Yourself Again (Audio 2:55 - 5/23/09)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley talks about why there is never any good reason to feel disappointed or discouraged about your life.

  • New Understanding to Outgrow Your Regrets (Audio 14:46 - 8/14/09)

    In this powerful podcast, Guy Finley points the way to a completely new understanding about your own mind that can forever free you from the painful sting of past regrets.

  • Begin Becoming a Whole Human Being (Writing - 11/2/09)

    No intention can be any stronger, says Guy Finley, than our ability to remember it in the moment that it is needed.

  • Free Yourself from Unwanted Circumstances (Writing - 11/30/09)

    Guy Finley reminds us that the truth never causes pain.

  • Free Yourself From What Confines You (Writing - 4/12/10)

    Guy Finley explains why all punishing self-states are "lies."

  • Free Yourself from the Whole Idea of Failure (Writing - 5/23/10)

    It is impossible to feel ourselves a "failure" without having first condemned ourselves for some shortcoming, explains Guy Finley.

  • The #1 Secret to Being Relaxed, Carefree, and In Command (Writing - 1/1/10)

    There is a hidden part of you that knows, without thinking about it, how to always be perfectly relaxed, carefree, and in command. This higher intellectual and emotional intelligence is…[more]

  • Plant the Seeds of a New Self (Writing - 10/29/10)

    If we wish to have true harmonious relationships with others, then it is we who must change.

  • Guilt (Writing - 11/1/10)

    Guy Finley discusses releasing guilt, shame, regret, and remorse over harmful things we may have done in the past, as well as fears of eternal damnation for choices that may…[more]

  • Find a New Order of Freedom (Writing - 8/15/11)

    We can either spend our lives fearful of any unwanted event that comes along to challenge our sense of self, or we can use that same situation to help set…[more]

  • Free Yourself from the Tyranny of the Past (Writing - 1/30/12)

    Our task, if we want to be free human beings -- if we want a life in which we no longer carry around with us "what he did," "what she…[more]

  • Stop Wasting Life's Two Greatest Gifts (Audio 6:32 - 11/29/12)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley talks about how we are intended to actively use the gifts we are given so that we can begin to enter into an authentic…[more]

  • Use Unwanted Moments to Awaken Higher Values (Audio 2:44 - 5/10/13)

    Guy Finley talks about the necessary, healing shock of seeing that the things we value the most in our lives are impermanent at best... and yet it is this very…[more]

  • No One Hurts You in the Now But You (Audio 2:12 - 4/29/13)

    Guy Finley talks about how Truth will never stop trying to help us see and drop the psychological "baggage" that we unconsciously carry around with us.

  • Learning to Transcend Painful Patterns (Video 6:33 - 3/21/13)

    In this video, Guy Finley reveals that the solution to any disturbance is found right in the heart of the disturbance. It's not relief from our pain that we are…[more]

  • Find Divine Direction in Disappointment (Video 3:05 - 5/30/13)

    In this video, Guy Finley talks about how we must first become consciously dissatisfied with our discontentment if we want to begin the process of letting go of it.

  • How to Be Happy for the Rest of Your Life (Video 3:21 - 2/13/14)

    In this video clip, Guy Finley talks about how the universe wants us to succeed as human beings. Although it may seem otherwise at times, when we finally understand the…[more]

  • Go Beyond What Has Passed Into the Presence That Heals It (Audio 2:20 - 3/24/14)

    Guy Finley explains in this brief talk that we can either be embroiled in regret and resentment over the cruel behavior of someone from our past, or we can stop…[more]

  • Go Beyond What Has Passed into the Presence that Heals It (Video 1:58 - 4/1/14)

    Guy Finley explains in this short video that we can either be embroiled in regret and resentment over the cruel behavior of someone from our past, or we can stop…[more]

  • Let Go of Self-Recrimination (Writing - 6/16/14)

    The self-defeating desires that drag us around belong to a nature that always feels incomplete.

  • The Real Root of All Rage Revealed (Video 1:15 - 11/4/14)

    Guy Finley explains that all forms of rage, whether inwardly or outwardly directed, are the result of our thwarted attempts to possess what we think we need in order to…[more]

  • Put Yourself Where Freedom Finds You (Writing - 11/17/14)

    As long as we continue to respond to our suffering by believing in its inevitability, it controls us.

  • The Secret Garden of the Soul (Writing - 4/6/15)

    Many times, darkness is the medium, sorrow the seed, and the subsequent humility conceived in these trials is the divine garden in which our soul flowers.

  • The Leading Indicator of All Incomplete Actions in Life (Video 2:06 - 9/11/15)

    Guy Finley explains that the only reason that we ever revisit the past or justify our actions to ourselves is because the moment was not completed as it was intended.

  • In Search of Perfect Spiritual Strength (Writing - 1/25/16)

    Real spiritual strength is realized, slowly, by daring to detect and drop the blind negative states that we've been allowing to define us.

  • The Path to Perfect Impersonal Love (Audio 1:55 - 3/3/16)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley talks about how it is possible to give all of ourselves to something that we love to do, and yet at the same time…[more]

  • Learn to Dismiss Self-Wrecking Thoughts (Writing - 4/4/16)

    Any wave of resentment, anxiety, or fear that comes to wash you away is nothing more than a kind of psychic residue left over from who you once were.

  • The Unthinkable Path to Being "Poor in Spirit" (Audio 3:13 - 8/4/16)

    "Letting go" author Guy Finley talks about how real humility appears within us when we see the role that we have played in making life more difficult for ourselves and…[more]

  • The Unthinkable Path to Being "Poor in Spirit" (Video 2:54 - 9/9/16)

    In this short video, "letting go" author Guy Finley talks about how real humility comes when we see the role that we have played in making life more difficult for…[more]

  • Use These Insights to Help You Walk Away from Guilt, Shame, and Regret (Audio 2:21 - 10/27/16)

    In this short talk, "letting go" author Guy Finley explains that there exists within all of us a lower nature that is always operating unconsciously to get us to be…[more]

  • Use These Insights to Help You Walk Away from Guilt, Shame, and Regret (Video 2:03 - 12/19/16)

    "Letting go" author Guy Finley explains that there exists within all of us a lower nature that is always operating unconsciously to get us to be the expression of its…[more]

  • "If You Lay Down with Dogs, You Get Up with Fleas" (Video 16:00 - 1/5/17)

    Guy Finley explains that when we lend our attention to considering any worry, blame, regret, or resentment, we have unknowingly agreed to be commanded by that negative state.