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Notes from grateful readers.

“Your book The Essential Laws of Fearless Living was the one piece of reading that got right through to where the message could be received. Thank you Mr. Finley. I am sending a copy to my best friend and recommending it to others. ”

— Therese L.

“Just finished reading Let Go and Live in the Now. Loved it. Looking for more of your books at our library. Fantastic. Definitely will follow these valuable insights and lessons. Be whole, Be Well, Namaste.”

— Wolfgang H.

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The Courage to Be Free is a gift from a master teacher, filled page after page with insights that will help calm your anxieties, allay your fears, and help you live a more present, precious life.”

— Daniel G. Amen, MD, New York Times best-selling author of Change Your Brain, Change Your Life

The Secret of Your Immortal Self is a rich tapestry of Guy's spiritual wisdom that teaches us how to let go of the old conditioning of fear, control and outmoded beliefs, so that we can find what we really seek: our inner connection to the Divine.”

— Michelle Mayur, Author of Embraced by the Divine

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  • Perfecting Relationship (Writing - 2/23/03)

    The Secret of Pefecting Relationships

  • Judging Others (Writing - 2/23/03)

    How to see without judging others!

  • Conflict (Writing - 2/23/03)

    Step back to see the thoughless nature of conflict and fighting.

  • Principles for Perfecting Relationships (Writing - 4/13/03)

    Guy Finley reveals how we can invite the unknown Love and Understanding that is capable of perfecting our relationships.

  • Taking Your Part in Perfect Intelligence (Writing - 11/11/03)

    By working with our resistance to others, Guy Finley explains that we ultimately learn about our own true nature, out of which compassion is born.

  • Kindness (Writing - 12/1/03)

    Kindness is something we all value and wish we are known for. Learn how to make kindness alive in your life.

  • Using Your Relationships to Realize Real Life (Writing - 12/22/03)

    The greatest, most abundant resource on planet Earth is also its least understood and utilized. Its unlimited supply is found virtually everywhere, anytime, and under all circumstances, even though few…[more]

  • Compassion (Writing - 2/1/04)

    Guy Finley discusses what it means to have forgiveness and compassion for others, and the evidence of God's compassion for this world through request and response.

  • Awaken the Courage to be Kind (Writing - 2/9/04)

    **I know someone who drives me crazy, and I want to help him by sharing the truths I am learning. Without using interfering tactics, how can we help others to…[more]

  • To Touch the Timeless Truth (Writing - 11/7/04)

    Growth, explains Guy Finley, is the marriage of something that already exists with something within us readied for that Union.

  • The Secret Seed of True Harmonious Relationships (Writing - 6/12/05)

    When we resist what life would show us about ourselves, explains Guy Finley, we effectively close the door on the Light that wants to help transform us by showing us…[more]

  • Let Your Relationships Set You Free (Writing - 7/10/05)

    The path to a more compassionate life, explains Guy Finley, is found in our willingness to try to understand the moment instead of needing to be understood in it.

  • Escape the Punishment in Judging Others (Writing - 2/6/06)

    The gradual higher awareness of others' pain, explains Guy Finley, is the birth of true compassion in us.

  • The Great Law that Governs Harmonious Relationships (Writing - 3/5/06)

    Many times the very thing we want from the person we are with, explains Guy Finley, is the very thing that we ourselves either lack at the moment or otherwise…[more]

  • Enlarge Your Relationship with Real Life (Writing - 8/6/06)

    What we put first in our lives, explains Guy Finley, is our first relationship with life.

  • Let Go of the Little Things in Life (Writing - 10/9/06)

    Learning to let go and to live in the Now, explains Guy Finley, is the same as catching ourselves holding onto what limits us and then deliberately dropping these self-imposed…[more]

  • The Secret of Perfect Relationships (Writing - 11/20/06)

    The less pain we have over what life appears to deny us, explains Guy Finley, the more at peace we naturally become with ourselves.

  • Transcend the Limitations of Self-Centered Love (Writing - 7/2/07)

    One of the most shocking and necessary discoveries along the path, explains Guy Finley, is that what we love does not love us

  • Transform the World Within You and Around You (Writing - 8/20/07)

    If we wish to live without resentments that linger in our hearts and rid ourselves of fear with all of its debilitating limitations, we must shed the skin of our…[more]

  • The Mirror of Compassion (Writing - 7/6/08)

    When I look at you,
    I am looking at me . . .
    In a time or place
    I have been, or will be.

  • What Can I Learn About Myself From You? (Writing - 9/14/08)

    Compassion starts with the understanding that every human being on the planet looks different from us -- because physically we are different -- but inwardly we all live in the…[more]

  • Step Out of the Dark Cycle of Discontent (Writing - 11/2/08)

    Our real "problem" with others, explains Guy Finley, isn't that they won't or can't give to us what we want from them.

  • Stop Giving Yourself Away (Writing - 2/9/09)

    Guy Finley reminds us that each time we compromise ourselves without knowing it, we are asleep in that moment to what we are in relationship with.

  • Love the One You're With (Audio 2:27 - 12/6/09)

    In this podcast, Guy Finley talks about how we can experience truer, brighter, more meaningful relationships with everyone we meet once we learn to put the needs of others before…[more]

  • Reflections on the Real (Audio 4:54 - 12/31/09)

    In this revealing podcast, Guy Finley talks about how attending to the true needs of others also allows us to discover our own limitless possibilities.

  • The Great and Secret Source of Self-Transformation (Audio 5:11 - 5/14/10)

    In this podcast, Guy Finley talks about how our awareness of the true needs of other human beings heralds within us the birth of true compassion.

  • Gratitude (Writing - 7/7/10)

    Discussion of gratitude and the secret to recognizing the Love behind everything that happens to us. Find out more about expressions of thankfulness including tithing, being grateful for the difficult…[more]

  • The #1 Secret to Being Relaxed, Carefree, and In Command (Writing - 1/1/10)

    There is a hidden part of you that knows, without thinking about it, how to always be perfectly relaxed, carefree, and in command. This higher intellectual and emotional intelligence is…[more]

  • Q&A - Shift in World Consciousness (Video 1:58 - 4/1/07)

    Guy Finley speaks about the popular idea of a coming evolution in world consciousness.

  • Act on What You Know is True (Writing - 1/3/11)

    Whatever suffering you agree to shoulder not only helps to lighten the load of those in need, but also serves to awaken within you the strength you need to be…[more]

  • Secrets of Compassionate Relationships (Writing - 5/2/11)

    Real compassion has to do with realizing that conscious relationship is the root of our existence, trying to get us to wake up a little bit and enter into those…[more]

  • Everyone on Earth has a Gift Just for You (Writing - 12/12/11)

    We have not been given this precious life in order to go through it resisting everything that doesn't suit us; rather we are created to grow through whatever we meet…[more]

  • Attend to the Business at Hand (Audio 2:18 - 5/1/13)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley discusses the mind's compulsive habit of judging other people, which is an unfortunate waste of time and energy that would better be spent attending…[more]

  • See The Blindness of Ever Feeling Superior Toward Another (Video 2:36 - 10/11/13)

    Guy Finley explains that if we ever find ourselves feeling superior to another person, then that is the perfect time to take an honest look at ourselves so that we…[more]

  • Let Conflict Stop With You (Writing - 11/18/13)

    We must stop giving to our friends and family the pain we cannot bear to carry ourselves.

  • Regain True Self-Command (Writing - 1/20/14)

    Whenever we act cruelly toward another, it's because something cruel "takes over and handles" the moment for us by doing what it remembers to do.

  • Free Yourself to Forgive (Writing - 11/16/15)

    It is impossible to change the relationship we have with the world around us without changing the relationship we have in ourselves, with ourselves.

  • Transcend Self-Limiting Self-Interests (Writing - 2/15/16)

    It is within relationships that we grow as individuals in everything valuable, because it is through them that we become stronger and wiser.

  • Realize and Release What Disturbs You (Writing - 9/19/16)

    We grow through our relationships with life, which means that through them we are shown possibilities about ourselves we never knew existed.

  • Start Seeing the Unsuspected Source of Why You Rush (Audio 3:43 - 9/30/16)

    As you persist with the intention to slow down, you will gradually come to see that underneath your rushing is an agitation that is actually meant to stir a higher…[more]

  • Take Part in the Great Communication of Life (Audio 3:58 - 11/4/16)

    Guy Finley talks about the unnecessary pain that is produced by a breakdown in communication, which is resolved by coming out of our mental dialogs and entering into a broader…[more]

  • Start Seeing the Unsuspected Source of Why You Rush (Video 3:25 - 11/16/16)

    Guy Finley explains that as we persist with the intention to slow down, we will gradually come to see that underneath our rushing is an agitation that is actually meant…[more]

  • How Self-Command Gives Rise to Compassion (Writing - 1/16/17)

    iving within us dwells an order of being that knows, without thinking about it, what is authentically good for us and others.

  • Take Part in the Great Communication of Life (Video 3:33 - 1/18/17)

    Guy Finley talks about the unnecessary pain that is produced by a breakdown in communication, which is resolved by coming out of our mental dialogs and entering into a broader…[more]

  • Release Yourself from Judging Others (Writing - 2/6/17)

    We must learn to take the true conscious initiative with each other and then -- based in our understanding of this great spiritual law that governs harmonious relationships -- make…[more]

  • Agree to Put Yourself in Second Place (Writing - 2/20/17)

    Here are six special practices that will reward you with the Real Life your heart longs for

  • If You Want Liberation, Throw Away the Labels You Have for Everything (Audio 3:39 - 5/29/17)

    When we apply a label such as "passive aggressive" to someone who bothers us, we cease to have direct contact with that person and instead meet them only through that…[more]

  • If You Want Liberation, Throw Away the Labels You Have for Everything (Video 3:18 - 7/13/17)

    When we apply a label such as "passive aggressive" to someone who bothers us, we cease to have direct contact with that person and instead meet them only through that…[more]