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Notes from grateful readers.

“Guy has internally changed my life. He has impacted me with his wisdom as no other then the Holy Scriptures. In fact he has made the bible come alive with his teaching. I have read many of his books and purchase many tapes and I thirst for so much more. I will get to one of his live talks very soon. I had to write, this brother Guy Finley is awesome! I LOVE his teaching!”

— John C. Suber, Pittsburgh, PA

“Thanks so much again and I have to say that the amount I pay a month in no way compensates for the wealth of information and wisdom imparted by Guy Finley and his team. You guys are all wonderful for your unfailing service to humanity.”

— Shenaz Khan, London, UK

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The Essential Law of Fearless Living, by Guy Finley, is the best of the self help books [reviewed]. Finley has a way of getting at the heart of a matter with stories, metaphors and insight that is transformative. In my experience, nobody does a better job revealing what is really going on in the human mind, and helping us see into our own minds.”


“Guy Finley brilliantly describes the most important key to the breakthrough life. Let go of all the negatives, and turn over the fears to God. What happens afterward is that we are free to follow our deepest intuitions with courage.”

— James Redfield, author of The Celestine Prophecy

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  • Psychology (Writing - 2/22/03)

    The psychology of knowing which of your own thoughts and feelings are your friends.

  • Using Your Relationships to Realize Real Life (Writing - 12/22/03)

    The greatest, most abundant resource on planet Earth is also its least understood and utilized. Its unlimited supply is found virtually everywhere, anytime, and under all circumstances, even though few…[more]

  • Make the Fear of Being "No One" Fade Away (Writing - 7/20/04)

    Looking for ourselves in the eyes of others throws us behind the walls of a psychic prison. The door slams shut each time we find ourselves feeling good about ourselves…[more]

  • The Untouchable Mind (Writing - 6/26/06)

    We have a chance, explains Guy Finley, to actually begin to recognize and realize what it would mean to be able to sit in a room and not have our…[more]

  • A New Inner Understanding to Put You in Charge of All Outer Circumstances (Writing - 11/25/06)

    Barring those moments when we find ourselves in real physical danger, conditions, of themselves, have absolutely no authority over us. It's true. No event or circumstance has any power to…[more]

  • Five Truths That Make You Victorious (Writing - 9/17/07)

    Guy Finley explains that nothing in life can stop you from starting your life all over.

  • Never Again Feel Like a Victim! (Writing - 6/9/08)

    Our experience of any passing event -- for the pain or pleasure of it, explains Guy Finley -- is the product of how we see it.

  • Stop Self-Stalling and Become Self-Starting (Writing - 9/7/08)

    Never again look for a way out of any anxious condition, explains Guy Finley. Look instead for a way to see through it.

  • Free Yourself From the Circle of False Friends (Audio 15:53 - 2/10/10)

    In this podcast, Guy Finley talks about how our experience of life is a direct reflection of the kind of psychological company that we keep.

  • The Courage to Be Free (Video 4:40 - 7/29/10)

    Guy Finley speaks about topics related to his new book The Courage to Be Free including fear and fearlessness, beauty, kindness, love, and the authentic path to an enlightened heart…[more]

  • End the Dark Cycle of Discontentment - Part I (Video 9:44 - 5/20/05)

    Guy Finley speaks about understanding the nature of discontentment and how to rise above its limiting influence.

  • The First Step to Outgrowing Your Suffering (Audio 26:57 - 3/24/11)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley talks about how dissatisfaction with our lives is not something to be ignored, but rather something that can be transformed through diligent self-study.

  • Unmask the Hidden Power of All Negative States (Writing - 10/29/11)

    We value negative states because of the strong sense of self we get from them.

  • Free Yourself of Undetected Pressure (Writing - 7/9/12)

    The punishing pressure we feel in this life is not because of what life is but because of what we perceive life isn't.

  • Awaken Your Powers of Perception (Writing - 9/10/12)

    Here's a short exercise to help you see the following fact: There's a way to know, without ever having to think about it, exactly which of your own thoughts and…[more]

  • Rise Above Runaway Reactions (Writing - 4/29/13)

    Before we release ourselves into the hands of any automatically appearing rescuing agent, we must first take it into the light in order to see who sent it.

  • The Power to Question Defeat (Writing - 5/6/13)

    No human being is a victim of any punishment outside of their own undeveloped life-level from which their inner reactions are seen as outer attacks.

  • Step Back from Self-Compromising Thoughts (Writing - 7/28/13)

    Before we can choose not to compromise ourselves, we must first become acutely aware of those thoughts of ours that may be holding some secret seed of self-defeat.

  • A Closer Look at What Screams for Attention (Writing - 9/16/13)

    The cause of confusion and unhappiness lies in all the self-centered, touchy parts of us that insist, one after the other, that the world conform to their demands.

  • How to Walk Out of Any Dark Mental Movie (Writing - 2/3/14)

    Learn to detect negative feelings that imply there's nothing that can be done about the way you feel at the moment.

  • Pull Yourself Out of Confusing Thoughts (Writing - 3/31/14)

    The next time you run into some familiar blockage or begin to feel unsuited to face some new and difficult personal challenge, don't try to think your way around it.

  • The Power to Help You Choose (Writing - 7/21/14)

    When we feel some kind of darkness coming over us, we must muster the courage to consciously doubt the reality of this condition, even though our feelings are powerfully trying…[more]

  • The Gentle Brush of Truth (Writing - 9/22/14)

    It was we, who in ignorance of reality, carelessly attribute weight to events that are without substance.

  • Put the Light on Hostile Thoughts and Feelings (Writing - 12/1/14)

    The next time some hostile state takes you over, see that something foreign to your True Nature has imposed itself on you and taken over your life.

  • Four Facts to Help Liberate You From the Lie of Fear (Writing - 2/16/15)

    The more we are willing to learn about the way fear works, the less power it has to work its ways on us.

  • The Possibility of Perfect Freedom (Video 4:32 - 3/30/15)

    In this short video, Guy Finley explains that whenever we strive for perfection in any kind of endeavor, we will necessarily reach a point of limitation in which the self…[more]

  • The True Nature of Greatness (Audio 2:48 - 3/30/15)

    Guy Finley talks about how true greatness does not need to be acknowledged as being great. It has nothing whatsoever to do with receiving the approval of others, nor of…[more]

  • Walk Away from Anxious Thoughts and Feelings (Writing - 10/12/15)

    The only reason we ever feel trapped by anxious thoughts and feelings is that we just won't let go of the false idea that it takes time to know the…[more]

  • Your Muddy Nature Wants You to Play in It! (Writing - 12/7/15)

    You must understand that the dark parts of a person want, and will find any excuse, to get the nature that aspires to return Home to abandon its longing for…[more]

  • Find New Strength in Awakened Attention (Writing - 5/30/16)

    Not wanting our negative states actually nourishes them.

  • Refuse the Empty Promises of the Dissatisfied Self (Writing - 10/3/16)

    Eventually we reach the point where we start to realize that we are not going to find peace, contentment, happiness, strength, fearlessness -- all of the things that in our…[more]