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“I bought The Secret of Letting Go. It is by far the BEST BOOK I have ever read! Thank you for saving my life. I am 48 years old and I finally GET IT! No more living in fear. God Bless You!”

— Donna B., Westland, MI

“I purchased Guy's book The Essential Laws of Fearless Living and I can truly say it must be the best book on the market today. Guy has a way of saying something that really touches the heart, a sort of mystical way with words. It has helped me a lot and I refer to it regularly.”

— Susan W.

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“Guy Finley raises our thoughts to the higher octaves of harmony where we can transform our lives into clear and focused vessels of expression, creativity, and health.”

— Don Campbell, author of The Mozart Effect

“Guy Finley has the ability to illuminate with insight the mind's darkest corner. If it does not brighten with the first reading, read it again, let it sit and know the light will come.”

— Wendy Garrett, radio host, author of Talking to Nightlights

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  • The greater percentage of what we call being "productive" in life is -- in truth -- little more than our unconscious complicity with a lower level of self that lives to build castles of sand... even as it watches and waits, fearfully, for a wave that will come to wash it away. (3/16/18)

  • Learning to use the appearance of a conflict -- whether with a friend, family member, or for an unwanted moment -- as a reminder that what you're really experiencing in that moment is the presence of some unseen contradiction in your own consciousness -- is the beginning of the end of ever again being made to act against yourself, or anyone else. (3/14/18)

  • Until you learn what it means to have your own life... it's owned by anyone and everything else from whom you want something. (3/11/18)

  • Your True Self is always more than perfectly equal to any unwanted moment; so that all you have to be is who you already are -- in that moment -- to see that everything is already done in the world above you... a higher level of being whose perfect reflection resides within you. (3/9/18)

  • You say your lines; I speak mine:
    A well-rehearsed play,
    Acted out in dreamtime.
    But when no one is the wiser,
    With the stage so dimly lit,
    None see that half of what is said...
    Is to no one there,
    Which suits the other half... just fine. (3/7/18)

  • When it comes to our wish to make real changes in ourselves, good intentions cost (us) nothing... and that's why the road to hell is paved with useless coins. On the other hand, making a conscious effort to change -- in the moment that calls for it -- comes with the cost of seeing ourselves as we really are; this awareness shows us not only the possibility of being released from our worry and fear, but also the unconscious parts of us that don't want us to be free. Enduring the totality of this revelation is the price of awakening, and (this) awakening is the herald of true self-transformation. (3/4/18)

  • Learn to appreciate people who would point out your faults to you because, right or wrong in their estimation (of you) it is your reaction to them -- for its negativity, or in its notable absence -- that proves what is true either way! (3/2/18)

  • True spiritual strength is our right to realize that any form of psychological fear is only as "big" as is our mistaken belief in it... that is, providing we're willing to prove it as so; where the reward of walking through any such fear leads us to this liberating discovery: fear is a false power that only feels real, and we are free to realize it as such... anytime we choose! (2/28/18)

  • The unconscious "self" that lives in the dark of us has no shape or form of its own... other than the one it creates -- and then identifies with -- as it weighs and measures all that moves in and out of its temporary existence. Its false -- and always alternating sense of superiority and insecurity -- is the unnatural byproduct of an equally false light that it creates in order to judge all that it sees... including itself. (2/25/18)

  • The heart of reality is the paradoxical fusion of no self and True Self. To that point, the truest sense of individuality is known only within the awareness of this Divine duality... the fertile void. (2/23/18)

  • As we awaken, one thing becomes clear about our suffering, and our endless struggle to bring it to an end: by ourselves we cannot complete ourselves, anymore than a puzzle has the power to assemble itself. So that whatever we're tempted to do, plan, or become to make ourselves whole must belong to a lower level of self that seeks what it does to avoid seeing its own incomplete nature. There is only one real solution to our unseen collaboration with this kind of useless suffering: we must see that our true Self is never in pieces to begin with, and therefore... it need seek nothing outside of Itself to enjoy being what it always has been: at peace. (2/21/18)

  • Any old and particularly familiar pain that repeats itself does so for a single reason: we believe that we understand the reason for its appearance, when nothing could be further from the truth... as evidenced by the reappearance of that suffering. We are effectively "caged" by the unseen collusion between this false belief, and a false self that -- believing it knows the reason for its pain -- goes looking for a solution to it. Our hope of escaping this unseen captivity begins with seeing that we have unknowingly been keeping it in place. (2/18/18)

  • Looking for reasons (to give to yourself) for any unwanted moment in your life... is the same as being deceived into looking away from the lower nature that secretly lays out the welcome mat for whatever the misery that comes knocking at your door. (2/16/18)

  • Never fear the loss of what will, and must disappear in this world of passing time. The work of remembering this timeless, (but unwanted) truth is the same as connecting yourself to the love of an all-embracing, fearless awareness... that never dies. (2/14/18)

  • Unconsciously identifying with any form of (psychological) pain doesn't just enhance, nourish, and help sustain the persistence of that suffering, but it also makes it seem more formidable, as you unwittingly increase its strength with each failed attempt to escape its mounting pressure. (2/11/18)

  • Learning to let the whole world pass us by is the only way to discover that the fear of losing some imagined power, possession, or position in life is the same as dying to an equally imagined lower level of self that "lives" to cling to it. (2/9/18)

  • Only what is imperfect in us wants to punish (the) imperfections that it sees in someone else. (2/7/18)

  • What else are the untold number of lies -- "large and small" -- that we tell ourselves, or others, if not a trap we build in the now... only to be caught in it later? (2/4/18)

  • Whenever we will do the best we can -- give the very most that we have to give -- even though our action may be very far from "perfect" -- nevertheless, that action is our part of entering into a celestial perfection to be realized in no other way. It is only by consciously enduring our own imperfections that we are given eyes to see that, all along, Love itself has been our guide and master. (2/2/18)

  • Until we learn how to ask ourselves right questions -- in the right way, and at the right time -- not only will we be unable to find real solutions to our suffering, but the very manner in which we formulate the questions we ask ourselves will serve, secretly, to keep us in a cage of our own making. (1/31/18)