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Notes from grateful readers.

“I'd like to send my heart felt gratitude to Guy and Life of Learning Foundation for being a beacon in the darkness. Guy's generosity in sharing many of his talks through internet radio helps keep us in the Light, and aids those of us who would share his much needed message. Within each and every talk I find myself awestruck with life-changing insights. Thank you so much Guy.”

— Kenneth T., Wendell, NC

“I have just finished The Secret of Letting Go and found the lessons to be absolutely awesome.”

— Carol W., Salt Lake City, UT

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“In The Secret of Your Immortal Self, Guy Finley masterfully reminds us how to start giving ourselves what we really want and guides us to receive the nudges and signals that are available to each of us at all times -- his insights allow us to expand into the powerful and unique expression we are each here to live.”

— Kristen Howe,

“Guy Finley's Letting Go: A Little Bit at a Time allows you to absorb all of the bits and pieces required for you to take the next BIG step of letting go and moving on to what's next! Brilliant! Carry it with you for instant reference.”

— Larry James, author of How to Really Love the One You're With

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  • Part 1

    The great secret of getting ourselves "unstuck" -- of being empowered to leave behind us those problems that life seems to set before us -- is to understand that before we can learn to walk through whatever stands in our way, we must take the first step of learning to willingly enter into it.

    Part 2

    The importance of working to develop our attention is found in the appearance of a new kind of stillness that is realized only when, and as, the observer and the observed are seen as one (being). This revelation, and its attending realization is the timeless hub of a higher order of Self that witnesses everything changing around and within Itself, but that Itself... never changes. (10/22/17)

  • One of the reasons why the false self likes to create a mess is so that it not only has something to worry over, but then it can also feel good about itself later on for getting it cleaned up! (10/20/17)

  • To rise above our present level of self, we must outgrow its unseen limitation. To outgrow any limitation, we must become conscious of its nature. To become aware of any unconscious nature in us, we must learn how to impersonally witness it. To impersonally witness a lower level of self is to see it through a higher order of being... a ceaseless action whose realization is the same as the Truth that sets you free. Thus the upward spiral completes itself, even as it rises above its point of origin. (10/18/17)

  • You can't be renewed by real Life, and relive your life at the same time. When you can see that with each heartbeat creation is made anew then -- in that same moment -- So will you be, too. (10/15/17)

  • Complaining about unwanted moments is like wrapping yourself up in a wet blanket on a winter day in an effort to fend off a chill. (10/13/17)

  • We will make detailed preparations for a single day off, lay out careful plans for an evening meal, and spend untold moments worrying over what we should wear; but few of us will rarely take the time to prepare our interior life to receive the impressions that give our soul its substance and meaning. (10/11/17)

  • As paradoxical as it may seem, the more we dream and scheme to win from this world of passing time what we imagine will complete us, the further away we drift from a Timeless world, within us, wherein alone it is possible to realize what can make us whole. (10/8/17)

  • No matter how many crowns may seem to temporarily adorn the top of his or her head... no one who fights with life wins anything real. (10/6/17)

  • Awakening to (your) True Self begins with realizing that within us lives -- eternally, and right along side one another -- an endless need, as well as an endless resource that exists to answer it! (10/4/17)

  • Until we can see that we care more for what "will be" -- even "what was" -- than we do for being in relationship with "what is" -- our heart and mind are the possessions of passing time, which means that so is the false sense of self that appears out of it... only to disappear back into it time and time again. (10/1/17)

  • Refuse to negatively anticipate the arrival of any imagined moment, and you won't have anything to resist now... or ever. (9/29/17)

  • Negative reactions are mindless. Don't be mindless; learn to think for yourself. (9/27/17)

  • The wish to know the truth of yourself -- to make the soul's journey back to its celestial home -- originates from a part of you that is already there... As it is impossible to long to return to someplace where you haven't already been. (9/24/17)

  • The freedom you seek cannot be found by protecting a fear. (9/22/17)

  • Intelligent spiritual persistence always proves -- assuming we'll agree to go through its trial -- that whatever seems to be in our way is the same as the secret path to self-realization. (9/20/17)

  • It is never more difficult, nor is it ever more important to "pull yourself together" than when it feels as if life is trying to pull you apart. (9/17/17)

  • Any negative reaction that serves as the seed of some action we take in order to avoid an unwanted revelation about ourselves must -- and will -- "grow up" to become the next thing we oppose in life! (9/15/17)

  • The only thing more useless than a negative thought or feeling is the level of self that wants you to believe these dark states serve something useful. (9/13/17)

  • We've come to expect and to believe that being fulfilled, or otherwise completed is the same as being distracted by something, and then becoming identified with it. (9/10/17)

  • Each to his or her own, that's the Law: one's nature is either his or her reward... or punishment, as the case may be. (9/8/17)