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Notes from grateful readers.

“I purchased and listened to The Majestic Life recently and I can't say enough about it. To me, along with his book The Secret of Letting Go, it is a true masterwork.”

— Robert B.

“Thank you, Mr Finley, for helping me so much with your talks and lessons. I feel like a child who is being shown a glimpse into a world I never even knew existed, though I have forever thought it did.”

— Lourdes L., Portugal

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“I highly recommend this tiny book; it is not the quantity of words but the quality of Guy Finley's message that nourishes one's soul.”

— Greg Voisen, founder, Compassionate Communications

“Guy Finley has the ability to illuminate with insight the mind's darkest corner. If it does not brighten with the first reading, read it again, let it sit and know the light will come.”

— Wendy Garrett, radio host, author of Talking to Nightlights

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  • Let every disappointment in life -- the appearance of every dark state -- be as the lighted wick of a lamp to first illuminate, and then to consume the attachment that all such reactions reveal. (8/18/17)

  • Unconscious resistance is a mounting suffering born of refusing to see the following: the only way to change what is -- unseen for the most part -- a string of unwanted life experiences... is to die to the level of self that lives to not want what it keeps creating for itself. (8/16/17)

  • The awakening to one's True Self begins with realizing that within you live -- eternally, and right along side one another -- an endless need, as well as an endless resource that exists only to answer it! (8/13/17)

  • The first step towards being "right" with the Divine begins with seeing that nothing wrong can happen to your True Self. (8/11/17)

  • The longer any life lesson continues to be refused, the more surely, swiftly, and strongly will come the next set of conditions needed to ensure that the lesson is learned. (8/9/17)

  • It's impossible to learn what the Divine would teach us about our own higher possibilities, and resist -- at the same time -- meeting that lower level of consciousness intent on keeping us from realizing them. (8/6/17)

  • The less that you try to "teach" others about their shortcomings, the more insights you will gain into your own. (8/4/17)

  • First he says, "It is the fullness of life that is the illusion," because the emptiness visits him so fully. Then he says, "No, it is the emptiness of life that's the illusion," because the fullness of life is upon him. Back and forth, forth and back again, he swings between fullness and emptiness, emptiness and fullness… Until one day… It dawns on him: the real illusion is the cup. (8/2/17)

  • Learn to be still and listen: the less you have to say about life, the more Life will speak to you, and start telling you things that ears can't hear. (7/30/17)

  • The first step toward learning to make fearless choices in life begins with abandoning the fearful chooser. (7/28/17)

  • Without something within you to unconsciously oppose it, a negative state is a wind without a sail that has no choice but to blow itself out, returning into oblivion. (7/26/17)

  • Part 1

    It's said that 2 things are certain in life: death and taxes; while this old saw may be true, it shines no light whatsoever on the deeper truth that hides within it, as follows: in this world of passing time -- whatever it makes, or that is made out of it -- will be undone.

    Part 2

    The only thing that awaits the one who sleeps through this life is the dream he dreams to comfort himself that there will come a time that will be different from the one in which he now sleeps. (7/23/17)

  • You can't reconcile the pain of the past by talking to yourself about it any more than you can "clean up" spilled soup and put it back in the pot. (7/21/17)

  • One sure way to guarantee that you'll continue rushing through the present moment is to cling to the false belief that the best way to escape painful, anxious thoughts and feelings is by trying to run away from them. (7/19/17)

  • The infinite possibilities of all that has been done for us, in the Worlds above us, is being held for us -- within us -- in this, and in every moment; to claim this Divine inheritance -- to realize our fulfillment in its timeless Goodness -- requires a single act of obedience on our part: the interior work of being fully present to what we already are. (7/16/17)

  • The strength of your negative reaction over what someone else may have done to hurt you does not prove his wrongness, but speaks only to your weakness for allowing yourself to be carried off by self-destructive thoughts and feelings. (7/14/17)

  • Here is a great spiritual truth: The only time we ever "fail" at anything in our lives is when we walk away from some challenging moment before we've allowed it to teach us its lessons. (7/12/17)

  • Psychological fear is a real-time experience of an unwanted moment imagined as being on its way; it -- this fear and its creator -- are as one; the interaction of these opposites is the almost ceaseless exercise of an unconscious level of self that loves to imagine a threat... So that it can keep having the self-created negative experience of trying, in vain, to protect itself from its own dark dreams. (7/9/17)

  • It's impossible to be identified with a negative state unless you have an unseen stake in the reason for its appearance. (7/7/17)

  • What is the true spiritual journey other than the discovery that who we really are is (a) part of a Consciousness that remains, at least for now, unconscious... not just of itself, but also to the suffering inherent in being apart from the Holiness of life. (7/5/17)