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“Hello, I just want to say thank you... again. I wrote you early this year, was so glad to find you. [...] I love your teachings, thanks to you I love my life.”

— Dottie K.

“The Meditative Life cd's are in my car and I listen to them constantly! Thank you for a simple straightforward and life-changing message! Thank you So Much!”

— Vicki S., Fort Wayne, IN

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“This is one of those timeless books - it could be read today, or 100 years from now and the wisdom still rings true. I highly recommend this book for anybody on a spiritual journey who is reaching that pivotal point where it is time to make the decision whether he/she wants to experience the ultimate freedom that we all equally deserve.”

— Chris Cade, founder,

“Amidst the plethora of books on spirituality, The Secret of Your Immortal Self by Guy Finley is a rare read and Guy's teachings are contained in the most important books you'll ever read. It is a brilliant and beautifully written exploration of releasing suffering as a sacred passage into self-understanding and a renewed inner-life.”

— Debbi Dachinger, Media Personality, Award-Winning, Syndicated Host of Dare to Dream Radio & TV

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Inspirational Quotes From Guy Finley

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  • If you must protect something in this life, let it be your connection to the truth that takes you to a life free of fear. (5/14/00)

  • It is his wants and desires that disturb the waters he longs in his heart to be still. This is the contradiction in his consciousness reconciled only in God's will. (12/15/02)

  • The actual source of any painful pressure a person may feel in himself is not a natural aspect of life, but is the secret effect of having his "lid" screwed on to tightly. (5/17/00)

  • If only we were one-tenth as sensitive to the kind of thoughts and feelings in which we daily dress our soul as we are compulsively attentive to what clothes we must put on to be pictured well by others, our hearts would be light, our minds bright, and all would be Right in our soul. (12/18/02)

  • The knowledge of faith unites us to live for what we sense we are yet to be, but the action of faith is to dare to place the new creature we would be before the old nature in which we are currently. (5/21/00)

  • Part I: Who serves only himself in this life may be first to find a seat at the table, but he eats from a plate filled only with emptiness.

    Part II: If we must dream, let us long for that life beyond ourselves; for who desires things already known, or otherwise imagined in forms reconfigured from fantasies too well worn? Behold! It is the Unknown Life that calls to us from a Desire untold; too distant and dark to be seen, but nearer to us than the very light in which we dwell.

    Part III: While desire may draw us into our various relationships in life, it also destroys them as, inevitably, we find ourselves withdrawing from what no longer serves to please us. But Real Love transcends the desire that gives it birth, just as light escapes the fire from whose flames it is cast. (12/20/02)

  • Your intention to get out of bed -- without its actualization -- leads to a fitful dream life whose increasingly seldom moments of awakenings are called "bad dreams" by the sleeper. (5/24/00)

  • Fear is what happens to us whenever we forget that the One who created us fears nothing. True courage is remembering this Truth and then daring to act upon it in the face of a fear. There is no other cause of fear, and no other true solution. Awareness of this Truth awakens in us the action that sets us free. (12/22/02)

  • There is one "I" through which all things pass.  And then there is a series of "I's" that are little more than the temporary effects of all things in passage. (5/28/00)

  • Only what awakens us to our own immortality truly profits us. All else serves only to gently rock us into a fitful sleep in the stream of passing time. (12/25/02)

  • Life is equal opportunity for change. (1/16/00)

  • While the desire to be perfect runs through the very fiber of our soul, how to fulfill the longing of this greater love is a question few find the answer to, and here is why: The path to self-perfection weaves its secret way through the land of imperfection, where only the conscious awareness of where we actually are (in this land) changes forever where we stand. (12/27/02)

  • Part I: One cannot have a true wish for the love of God without it being God's Love making that wish (within him), any more than one could wait in hopeful anticipation of a sunrise who had never before stood in the warming rays of dawn's early light.

    Part II: It is Love that delivers life's lessons, that teaches them, and that is made Wise through them. And, in the end, Love is the lesson learned. (12/29/02)

  • Once it is realized that suffering may act as either an agent of self-change or --- be the unhappy result of your refusal to change, then it is also understood that no heartache need ever be accepted as inevitable or inescapable. (5/31/00)

  • Spiritually speaking, the cost of starting over is not what we pay to achieve some distant desire, but it is in our willingness to let go of -- to dare to live without -- any desire we may have whose promise of fulfillment drives us to search for it in yet another tomorrow. (1/1/03)

  • In God and His truths we trust:  and when we vest ourselves, our lives and hopes in Him and His laws, in return for our investment He refreshes and sustains our spirit.  He increases our consciousness and so shares with us the impossible wealth of Himself. (6/4/00)

  • Part I. Spending our time in quiet contemplation of the Truth, or simply practicing being still so as to discern the Divine within ourselves, is the same as finding answers to problems before they appear.

    Part II. The love of creatures is sensation, and sensation is nature moved by the sight of herself. But God is beyond nature and is un-sensible, which means that one must withdraw from all creatures, from all nature, if one is ever to enter into the Supersensible Life. (1/3/03)

  • The only place negative forces have to hide on this plane of existence is in the perceived distance between you and me. (6/7/00)

  • Part I. What is hard on us is not life itself, but the hardened way in which we tend to think towards it; so that it is nothing other than our own thoughts that turn naturally passing moments into unyielding tablets of stone from which we then read and weep.

    Part II. Just as the sun rises to fill a darkened morning with its soft new light, so does the Living Light of Truth descend into the willing soul... transforming its earthen elements and resurrecting them into a spiritual temple ablaze with God's eternal Light. (1/5/03)

  • Dark clouds above or around us ought to remind us of the sun behind them, and not draw us into resenting or fearing the shadows they cast over us (6/11/00)