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Notes from grateful readers.

“The first year of listening to your talks & putting them into action has made a vast difference to my life, but the talk on The Law of Attraction is fantastic it puts into one talk all the main principals you promote. Thank you all so much for helping me to find my true purpose in life. Long may you continue the good work.”

— John Houghton, El Perello Tarragona, Spain

“I'd like to send my heart felt gratitude to Guy and Life of Learning Foundation for being a beacon in the darkness. Guy's generosity in sharing many of his talks through internet radio helps keep us in the Light, and aids those of us who would share his much needed message. Within each and every talk I find myself awestruck with life-changing insights. Thank you so much Guy.”

— Kenneth T., Wendell, NC

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“It is impossible to convey the wisdom, depth and magnitude of Guy Finley's new project, The Seeker, The Search, The Sacred. Ultimately all healing, within us, between us and others and the planet, is about reconnection with the Divine. We are all on the same journey home to our true self. This masterful new work gives hope to a deeply divided planet.”

— Stephen Daniel, Ph.D., FPPR, Founder of

“I have known and interviewed many who offer insight into human development. No one does it with the kind of grace, intelligence and love as my friend Guy Finley. This book is his latest gift to all people seeking to overcome fear and live more fulfilling lives. Guy is an extraordinary person who reminds us just how special we are.”

— Jordan Rich, WBZ Boston

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Inspirational Quotes From Guy Finley

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  • To see that when you are thinking through some angry fearful, or anxious state that you are living out the best idea available to you in this moment is to begin realizing that you need a wholly new "idea entity." (4/9/00)

  • Unseen by us, but with real enough effect upon us, is that our constant internal commentary about the conditions going on around us surrounds us; wrapping us up as in a blanket (of thought) that seems comforting to us for its familiar weave and pattern, but whose ever-shrinking fabric secretly covers up and smothers all that might be seen anew about life. (11/15/02)

  • If we could only see that any self that sits in judgment over us is not the perfected nature that it passes itself off as being, but is secretly an imperfection in us that only appears true to us due to the unexamined contrast it creates in us by its accusations, then we would at last strip off the mask of our accuser and be free to realize the truth of ourselves without self-destructive conflict. (11/17/02)

  • Count the number of wants a person has in this life and you measure the number of kingdoms between himself and heaven. (4/12/00)

  • Spiritually Speaking.... No one falls down who isn't first pulled down by a false spirit masquerading as a helpful hand out of some hurtful situation. (11/20/02)

  • The fear we feel that we can't succeed with starting life all over again is because our old nature wants us to believe that the path to a New Self requires we retrace our steps and fight our way back to an unsoiled starting place in life. But here's the truth: There is no pathway, past or future, that leads to Real Self-Newness. The secret place of all fresh starts in life unfolds right from where we are in each moment that we will dare to leave who we have been behind us. Start Now! (11/22/02)

  • The Key To The Kingdom: There is no part of any relationship that is not the whole of it, so that any relationship you become aware of you may come to know in its entirety. (4/16/00)

  • Here is what the sincere seeker of truth must see if he or she would ever be free: Just as we have the creative power to manifest our desires, to turn thought into matter, so does the reverse hold true in the unseen world within ourselves. Desire also holds the power to transform the self held by that desire into the form of its nature...and no desire can ever be free. (11/24/02)

  • An Advanced Lesson in Letting Go: Each and every seemingly impossible place in your life is but a reflection in the mirror that reveals the level of self standing there before it. (4/19/00)

  • Any time that we identify with some negative emotion, or otherwise self-compromising thought, we not only embrace what betrays and constrains us, but lend our will to what holds us captive. In this way we actually transform ourselves into becoming prisoners of our own unconscious act. (11/27/02)

  • No one can take a single step upon the True Road that leads to Real Life without first remembering that he or she is always on a journey that leads in one direction...or another. (4/23/00)

  • Bitterness towards life, or others, is a self-prescribed pill that when taken daily proves to the person drugged by it that he is wise for taking these regular doses; after all . . . seeing the world around him as he does, with it being such a sour and despicable place, he would be foolish not to keep his prescription current! (11/29/02)

  • Believing that one of the many quarrelsome and competing parts at work within yourself can show you the way to a peaceful state of being is like hoping that you can find a quiet moment for yourself while walking along side a brass marching band! (12/2/02)

  • Life only feels like a never-ending struggle to us because we continue meeting it head on with our ever-present insistence that it give us what we want when we want it. In this way most of the good gifts of life are missed because not only are we always looking in the wrong direction, but we are sure we know what to look for! (12/4/02)

  • The true point of our individual spiritual work is not that we "succeed," but that we do not agree to fail. (4/26/00)

  • To see myself seeing is to "stand" upon the ground wherein one order of creation is revealed and expressed to another and higher order of creation -- one within the other, yet not the other. (4/30/00)

  • Part I:
    We cannot control the way the world turns. We cannot change day into night. We cannot keep what is not ours, and we cannot hide these facts from ourselves no matter how hard we try. But what we are given to do, and that turns out to be the one power of ours truly capable of transforming our experience of life, is that we can choose the internal company we keep. It is our created right to be in relationship with only those thoughts and feelings whose presence is both pleasing to us, and our Higher Purpose.

    Part II: Any thought or feeling that jumps up within us to explain to us why we are the way we are, that wants to help us justify ourselves after we catch a glimpse of something less than flattering about ourselves - appears there within us for only one reason. Let's see what it is: It wants to pass itself off as our friend-in-need; a feat it does by working to soften the blow of our having seen some formerly unsuspected truth about our present nature. This would-be friend is our secret enemy! Here's the proof of this truth: what is True never needs an agent of any kind to soft-pedal its presence. Truth is Living Light, and nothing is more gentle than that! (12/6/02)

  • The discovery and happy realization of your true identity is made each moment in the same instant as you catch yourself having invested yourself in some mistaken identity. (5/3/00)

  • PART 1:  Whenever we encounter any shadows in life that frighten us, or block our way, it is only because our back is to the sun.

    PART 2:  The good of this life is not what most of us take as being good, which is why a lot of us feel pretty bad most of the time. (5/7/00)

  • There are two paths through life thought to lead one to a happy Wholeness. The first path is littered with all manner of glittering things that one thinks are needful to complete oneself, while the second path is the way of discovering what one can live without. The former path is always cluttered, and leads only to increased conflict and self-compromise, while the latter path is as simple as it is peaceful in its native innocence. (12/8/02)