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“I have purchased and am reading the new book. It is by far the best book of wisdom I have ever read. I will be re-reading it over and over, learning the lessons and applying them. I will recommend this book to everyone. I think its the only book one ever needs to read to get the most out of their life. Thank you!!!!”

— Terri

“I have just finished The Secret of Letting Go and found the lessons to be absolutely awesome.”

— Carol W., Salt Lake City, UT

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“Guy Finley holds the lamp high as we are guided on a journey toward self. In these beautiful essays and teachings, he illuminates the path to love, connection and meaning. ”

— Sara Wiseman, Author of the award-winning Living a Life of Gratitude and founder of Intuition University

The Seeker, The Search, The Sacred is a wonderful work of mastery, and a must read for any aspirant.”

— Greg Voisen, Founder of Inside Personal Edge

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  • Part I:

    One good reason to work at simplifying one's life is that fearlessness is the natural fruit of innocence.

    Part II:

    Nothing in the universe can interfere with the Will to be Free. This means that for those of us who would know Freedom, our part is not to struggle with what we perceive as our captor, but rather we need only learn to act within that Sovereign Self we would be. For when we assume the Character of Freedom we are possessed with its powers; we win its liberated state, and we are lifted high above the reach of any self-wrecking state. (1/17/03)

  • This is the law:  There can not be two firsts in your life, otherwise the first of today becomes the last of tomorrow and, ultimately, what is lost is your chance to develop into a whole, spiritually conscious and sane human being. (6/21/00)

  • Just as winter yields to the onset of spring, as surely does the moon submit to the sun, so too are we created to give ourselves to that Greater Life that alone can make us evergreen and fill us with life-giving Light. (1/19/03)

  • Part I:

    Detect and deliberately drop all fearful thoughts about what "may be" your future and you release yourself from a present torment whose unseen driving force is your consent to consider darkly imagined tomorrows.

    Part II:

    We should never measure ourselves according to our "possibilities" because all such estimations of self are always based in secretly embraced evaluations of our own past; rather we ought to give ourselves over to what seems impossible to us because we are only truly fulfilled in this life to the extent that we are able to transcend who we have been!

    Part III:

    We never see what we "can't do" in life without feeling a fear or some form of frustration for our perceived limitation. But what we don't see in these moments is that we have been temporarily blinded by these same negative states, so that all we see before us is some impassible moment whose walls have no reality apart from the illusion created by their unyielding dark appearance! (1/22/03)

  • Remove the letter "i" from the word "aim", place it before the remaining letters and you have " I am."  My aim in life and what I am are inseparable. (6/25/00)

  • Every conscious act of Love lifts the world, so that each genuine expression of kindness embraces and elevates all willing souls. While every angry thought lashes the soul, infecting the world with its bitterness until the will of what is dark within that hatefulness crushes the unwitting soul, causing her to lose her precious little Light. (1/24/03)

  • In this life -- wherever we may go, regardless of what we may be doing -- if we are not aware of a shadow that trails behind us then we are not standing with the Light to our face. (1/26/03)

  • Any agitation in the soul that is unattended by the conscious light of awareness is a dark heat, one that is unable to change anything about itself except for what it blames for its burning state. (1/29/03)

  • The problem with permitting life's "little things" to occupy the center of your heart and mind is that you never see just how small you've become until there is no room left in you for change. (6/28/00)

  • Whenever we will put ourselves on the side of what we know is true, then the Truth takes our side... lending us what is noble, needful, and divine; so Truth sees to it that we are strengthened by wisdom, sheltered by light, and that our heart knows the peace of having fulfilled her plan. (1/31/03)

  • Part I: Contrary to popular psychotic belief, God did not create us to look upon His Life as a wish-fulfillment center. Instead we are created to live in the awareness that God's life is the center of our being, and that to realize this relationship answers all of our wishes because Love itself has then become our life.

    Part II: Learning to be grateful for the lessons hard learned is the secret and greater lesson hidden within all moments of the soul's education. (2/2/03)

  • All complaints about life are sinister seeds whose thorny nature thrives only in the darkness of the one's rejection of reality. These seeds of spite nourish progressive states of negative isolation, and their life serves nothing except to steal from the ground of one's soul certain needful nutriments from which Good Seed might grow. (2/5/03)

  • The stress we feel over our possessions or in our relationships -- that sneaks in to steal our contentment -- is never because of the way in which these things (themselves) are made to turn, but it is the dark effect of how tightly we cling to the idea that our desires have the power to grant us peace. (2/7/03)

  • No one succeeds in Life who is driven through it, because unless you are at the wheel of your own thoughts and feelings they are incapable of reaching a natural stop. Crashing into Life is not what it means to rest. (2/9/03)

  • Part I: The endless emotional sensations that enter into -- and that temporarily possess the heart -- are not the Truth of the heart any more than the sun's baking heat, or a winter's freezing sleet, are the same as the sky they fill as they pass their way through it.

    Part II: It must be that our earthen heart holds within it some bit of heavenly soil, for what other explanation is there for how quickly it fills and swells into Gladness whenever the love of God rains down and soaks into its dried-out ground. (2/12/03)

  • To know true contentment in life only becomes possible as we realize that discontentment in life arises from ignorance of our True Nature, and that this spiritual ignorance cannot act except to promote itself, causing more unrest and unhappiness. Therefore, someone who hates the life that his or her own unenlightened state has helped to create... Is like someone who, in ignorance of his actions, continues to throw wood upon a fire in the hope of reducing its flames. (2/14/03)

  • In surrendering one's life to God, with all of one's longings to change into something greater, one is not agreeing to remain as one has been...but he consents to be changed by and through the light of seeing himself in God's eyes. (2/16/03)

  • The one who lives in spiritual slavery earns a slave's wages, but blames his poverty upon the master that uses him instead of acknowledging that his unwanted condition in life is born out of giving his consent to live in such a wrongful relationship. (2/19/03)