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“Thank you so much Guy for this program. It really gives you the keys to get to the root of what is troubling us. THANK YOU.”

— John C., Flint, MI

“I listened to the 1st session... WOW!! thank you so much. I am currently reading Guy's book The Secret of Letting Go -- these 2 together will be dynamite and I will be able to take on anything.”

— Pam R.

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“Guy Finley's visionary wisdom in The Essential Laws of Fearless Living speaks to the deep places within us. Read slowly. Absorb every word. This work redefines limitless living. Gems of Truth are awaiting your discovery.”

— Larry James, professional speaker & relationship coach, author of How to Really Love the One You're With

“In a world full of false promises of external solutions to what are essentially spiritual problems, The Secret of Your Immortal Self helps set the crooked path straight.”

— Dr. Stephen and Beth Daniel, Founders of

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  • Negative states never see anything that pleases for when they're able to look at something or someone that troubles them when they see it. (9/1/17)

  • Everyone wants to be illuminated, but few are the True who are willing to enter the flame that consumes all, but that never burns twice. (8/30/17)

  • It's not some task before me that I suffer, neither is it one behind me, for its loss; rather, what I suffer is the Cross of Being whose weight is only as great as my misunderstanding of its purpose in the birth of my soul, and in the forthcoming Conscious Humanity whose perfection it heralds. (8/27/17)

  • As we awaken to see that misery loves company -- and that we've become its closest friend -- we're well on our way to discovering a new... and much truer Friend. (8/25/17)

  • The sooner we see the secret relationship between how certain we are over what we think we know -- and the extent of our suffering over the same -- the sooner will we find that elusive freedom that comes only with having realized freedom from the known. (8/23/17)

  • Fearing failure, he fails; being willing to fail, he succeeds in freeing himself from the fear of failure. Being free of the fear of failure, he stops resisting whatever seems to oppose his will. He succeeds in all the days that follow because he's learned the greatest lesson that earthly life has to offer: when his will is the same as the will of Heaven, nothing in the universe can stop him from being a New Man. (8/20/17)

  • Let every disappointment in life -- the appearance of every dark state -- be as the lighted wick of a lamp to first illuminate, and then to consume the attachment that all such reactions reveal. (8/18/17)

  • Unconscious resistance is a mounting suffering born of refusing to see the following: the only way to change what is -- unseen for the most part -- a string of unwanted life experiences... is to die to the level of self that lives to not want what it keeps creating for itself. (8/16/17)

  • The awakening to one's True Self begins with realizing that within you live -- eternally, and right along side one another -- an endless need, as well as an endless resource that exists only to answer it! (8/13/17)

  • The first step towards being "right" with the Divine begins with seeing that nothing wrong can happen to your True Self. (8/11/17)

  • The longer any life lesson continues to be refused, the more surely, swiftly, and strongly will come the next set of conditions needed to ensure that the lesson is learned. (8/9/17)

  • It's impossible to learn what the Divine would teach us about our own higher possibilities, and resist -- at the same time -- meeting that lower level of consciousness intent on keeping us from realizing them. (8/6/17)

  • The less that you try to "teach" others about their shortcomings, the more insights you will gain into your own. (8/4/17)

  • First he says, "It is the fullness of life that is the illusion," because the emptiness visits him so fully. Then he says, "No, it is the emptiness of life that's the illusion," because the fullness of life is upon him. Back and forth, forth and back again, he swings between fullness and emptiness, emptiness and fullness… Until one day… It dawns on him: the real illusion is the cup. (8/2/17)

  • Learn to be still and listen: the less you have to say about life, the more Life will speak to you, and start telling you things that ears can't hear. (7/30/17)

  • The first step toward learning to make fearless choices in life begins with abandoning the fearful chooser. (7/28/17)

  • Without something within you to unconsciously oppose it, a negative state is a wind without a sail that has no choice but to blow itself out, returning into oblivion. (7/26/17)

  • Part 1

    It's said that 2 things are certain in life: death and taxes; while this old saw may be true, it shines no light whatsoever on the deeper truth that hides within it, as follows: in this world of passing time -- whatever it makes, or that is made out of it -- will be undone.

    Part 2

    The only thing that awaits the one who sleeps through this life is the dream he dreams to comfort himself that there will come a time that will be different from the one in which he now sleeps. (7/23/17)

  • You can't reconcile the pain of the past by talking to yourself about it any more than you can "clean up" spilled soup and put it back in the pot. (7/21/17)

  • One sure way to guarantee that you'll continue rushing through the present moment is to cling to the false belief that the best way to escape painful, anxious thoughts and feelings is by trying to run away from them. (7/19/17)