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  • The infinite possibilities of all that has been done for us, in the Worlds above us, is being held for us -- within us -- in this, and in every moment; to claim this Divine inheritance -- to realize our fulfillment in its timeless Goodness -- requires a single act of obedience on our part: the interior work of being fully present to what we already are. (7/16/17)

  • The strength of your negative reaction over what someone else may have done to hurt you does not prove his wrongness, but speaks only to your weakness for allowing yourself to be carried off by self-destructive thoughts and feelings. (7/14/17)

  • Here is a great spiritual truth: The only time we ever "fail" at anything in our lives is when we walk away from some challenging moment before we've allowed it to teach us its lessons. (7/12/17)

  • Psychological fear is a real-time experience of an unwanted moment imagined as being on its way; it -- this fear and its creator -- are as one; the interaction of these opposites is the almost ceaseless exercise of an unconscious level of self that loves to imagine a threat... So that it can keep having the self-created negative experience of trying, in vain, to protect itself from its own dark dreams. (7/9/17)

  • It's impossible to be identified with a negative state unless you have an unseen stake in the reason for its appearance. (7/7/17)

  • What is the true spiritual journey other than the discovery that who we really are is (a) part of a Consciousness that remains, at least for now, unconscious... not just of itself, but also to the suffering inherent in being apart from the Holiness of life. (7/5/17)

  • Part 1

    The longing to be present -- to live in Presence -- is the path. The "steps" are made up of all the discoveries one must make as to what prevents one from being properly attentive to the Now, the indwelling home of the Holy.

    Part 2

    Being renewed by Life, and beginning your life all over again are one and the same interior action: it starts with becoming aware of, and then bringing a conscious end to all lingering relationships you may have with old thoughts and feelings that want you to keep seeing your life through their eyes. (7/2/17)

  • God sends the "fool" the company of both flatterers and thieves, but rarely does the fool recognize that there's no difference between the two...until it's too late. (6/30/17)

  • Part 1

    Only complete action on our part has the power to teach us, completely, those lessons that real Life would have us learn.

    Part 2

    Regardless of circumstance, our first action must be to give our complete attention to all that we are being given to see, and to be... accordingly. This is how we realize the Good: the all-at-once justice and mercy that lay hidden in every moment of time. (6/28/17)

  • The more deeply you learn to drink from the Cup of Life, its delights and dregs alike, the deeper the Cup will you be given to drink from. (6/25/17)

  • The real joy found in true inner silence is how soul stirring real life can be without having to identify with anything in it. (6/25/17)

  • Meditation is the understanding in action that (your) being is the active expression of a fully reflective experience... One that is ceaselessly changing due to what passes before it and within it, yet unchanging in its capacity to perfectly reflect these changes. (6/24/17)

  • Learning to make use of everything that we are given in life is the only sure way to discover that nothing exists that is useless, including our own dark states. We must learn to use all that we are if our hope is to realize all that we have been given all by the Divine. (6/24/17)

  • To see the places where we feel stuck in life as the secret passageways that they are -- a momentary gateway opened by the divine through which we might glimpse the celestial potential of our soul -- is to no longer live in fear of whatever seems to be in our way. In fact, once we learn to understand the real purpose of what appears to be some impassible moment, we stand at the threshold of a new order of our own being, where we can never, ever again feel ourselves as a victim of anything! (6/24/17)

  • Part 1

    No evil can be done to me save for those moments when -- enmeshed in a forgetfulness not my own -- I can't remember the Good.

    Part 2

    The pain of a thousand failed attempts to remember oneself, to put what is true before all else, not only disappears in the flash of each success, but that same light lingers, grows, and eventually comes to outshine the return of any shadow of doubt. (6/23/17)

  • Just as a great composition awaits the composer who can "hear" it, and then capture its essence on paper -- bringing into this world what is, by its nature, the celestial "sounds" of a higher kingdom -- so does what is Divine await the soul that agrees to be the instrument of its will... on earth. (6/22/17)

  • The wish to know the truth of yourself -- to make the soul's journey back to its celestial home -- originates from a part of you that is already there... as it is impossible to long to return to some place where you haven't already been.


  • Learn to turn the things that you don't want to do in life into conscious voluntary actions, and it won't be too long before you'll want to do the things that you've always tried to avoid. (6/18/17)

  • The more lost in thought you become, the less likely you'll be able to find your way back Home. (6/16/17)

  • Being renewed by Life, and beginning your life all over again are one and the same interior action: it starts with becoming aware of, and then bringing a conscious end to all lingering relationships you may have with old thoughts and feelings that want you to keep seeing your life through their eyes. (6/14/17)