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Notes from grateful readers.

“Thank you so much for your hard work in getting all this information out to the public. My first book from you was The Essential Laws of Fearless Living, I have been studying self help for quite some time and that book along with some of your other materials have really help me move to the next level of self awareness...what a blessing to have found it.”

— Marjorie F., Stouffville, Ontario - Canada

“Thank you from my each cell of body and heart. Your wisdom is healing our lives.”

— Lashpal B., Woodbridge, Virginia

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“Read these simple words, absorb their wisdom, and challenge yourself to apply these higher principles every day of your life. The reward will be a new-found freedom from the unrelenting negative emotional states that plague nearly every man and woman. This tiny book holds the promise for a new tomorrow, today!”

— Sara Robinson, author of Refuge, founder, Conscious Creating

“In the tradition of the medieval troubadour, consumed by a flame of unrequited love, Guy Finley shares an intimate portrait of his own unfolding in Apprentice of the Heart. With lilting prose and lyrical verse, the author fashions a harmonic symphony of universal resonance in celebration of Divine Love.”

— Sara Robinson, Founder, Conscious Creating

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  • Part 1

    So great is the need of the false self to feel itself as being "important" that it never stops imagining the scenarios it needs to give itself the feeling that something vital is almost always at risk. And, as incredible as it seems, it uses this ensuing, self-created state of tension and anxiety -- a pain that drives it from pillar to post -- as proof that the peace it seeks is nearly in its hand.

    Part 2

    Everything is better without tension (6/11/17)

  • A man of good -- upon seeing evil in another person -- neither judges that evil, nor its unwitting instrument because he has seen such a darkness in himself, and agrees to die to it. Whereas a man of evil -- upon seeing evil in someone else can't help but judge that person... for evil is compelled to judge itself. (6/9/17)

  • There are two good things about a constant, strong wind in one's face: first, how resilient one's legs become, the stamina that's developed by walking directly into a gale force. The other good thing is this: when the winds change direction which, by law, they always do -- so that now the wind is at one's back -- one sprints forward with great ease, but it feels as if one is walking. (6/7/17)

  • Half measures produce half results, and half results are one and the same as lessons only half learned. Lessons learned only half way guarantee you're halfway there, once again, to repeating those lessons in your life that you have yet to learn! (6/4/17)

  • Allowing anything to eat at you, by consenting to sit down with it at the "table of torment," serves nothing... save the pleasure of some dark and "hungry" part of you that lives only to consume negative energy. (6/2/17)

  • True patience, the seed of being consciously kind, begins with the interior work of never forgetting the following: what someone else does, whatever the nature of his or her action, has no authority over who you are. (5/31/17)

  • The more you are willing to see -- and able to understand -- that pain is always in its rightful place, the closer you are to the entrance of where Healing lives. (5/28/17)

  • When we will do what we know in our hearts is the right thing for us to do, for no other reason than it is the right thing to do, there is no wrong that can touch us. (5/26/17)

  • Constant inner dialogue -- that infernal internal conversation running through your head -- is the fear-driven manifestation of a lower nature that first imagines a threat of some kind, and that then can't stop talking to itself about how to protect itself from its own dark dream. (5/24/17)

  • It is impossible to protect a fear, and to cooperate with the Divine Work of perfecting your self at the same time. (5/21/17)

  • Being able to let go of any negative state takes place naturally as you see that the only thing binding you to it, and its misery, is your own attention. (5/19/17)

  • Part 1

    We are told that life is everlasting -- but see that nothing lasts! We are taught there is no death, and yet we see it everywhere around us! We dwell in the middle of an immense contradiction wherein one part of us feels the possibility of a life eternal, but that sees, and fears -- in the same moment -- only the inevitability of the opposite.

    Part 2

    The Great and Timeless Teaching -- that which can't be taught -- can only be learned through humility. (5/17/17)

  • Sitting in silent judgment of others is the coward's way of picking a fight and winning it... all without having to do a single thing other than to just be the instrument of an unseen negativity. (5/14/17)

  • Real freedom isn't the ability to imagine some new solution to rid you of some old suffering, but rather to awaken the higher understanding that allows you to transcend the need you have to live with any painful problem at all. (5/12/17)

  • A battle is waged in the deep of me, an epic struggle 'tween sand and sea; where one resists, the other, so free... Yet, no loss or gain marks Eternity. (5/10/17)

  • Life is change; it is creation revealing itself. We can either realize our existence within its movement as a designated part of its Divine design, or can continue to struggle with unwanted moments in the false belief that our resistance to any unexpected turn in life proves we already know the right way back home. (5/7/17)

  • There is no such thing as the innocent remembrance of some past pain or tormenting moment in your life. (5/5/17)

  • Within each of us dwells a dark and lower nature whose chief feature it is to ensure that the "perfection" of its imagined wants is never called into doubt. Each time we identify with one of its dark dreams -- taking it as our own -- we consent to not only embody the ceaseless hunger of this sleeping self, but also to live with its fear of seeing that it will never be able to complete itself with what it wants. (5/3/17)

  • If nothing else, always strive to remember this: the greatest part of life -- its one and only True Full Expression -- will never be found in what the mind can imagine, what the eyes strain to see, let alone in what the hands hope to hold. (4/30/17)

  • The gradual realization that you're engaged in a conversation with a level of mind that's set against itself... is the same as being released from its pain. (4/28/17)