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“I came across Guy's audio downloads about a year ago. Loaded some onto my MP3 player and listen regularly to them whilst having morning tea at work sitting out in the sun. They really do work on the negative and stressful thoughts bought on by daily life and work. Love them.”

— Anthony

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! As I continue to listen to your messages I can't put into words how thankful I am to God for connecting me to your school of wisdom and website.”

— Leta C.

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“Guy Finley's book Letting Go is absolutely life changing. I like when he says "Events may happen to you, but you are not the event." Exceptional philosophy!

— Norman Lacasse, Author of Master Of Service

“Guy Finley has written another soulful, life-changing book. The Secret of Your Immortal Self will empower you to let go of the past, realize your incredible power within, and help you to connect more deeply with your higher self and true purpose.”

— Kristi Ling, Happiness Strategist, Life and Business Coach, and author of Empower Your Day

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  • Life is change; it is creation revealing itself. We can either realize our existence within its movement as a designated part of its Divine design, or can continue to struggle with unwanted moments in the false belief that our resistance to any unexpected turn in life proves we already know the right way back home. (5/7/17)

  • There is no such thing as the innocent remembrance of some past pain or tormenting moment in your life. (5/5/17)

  • Within each of us dwells a dark and lower nature whose chief feature it is to ensure that the "perfection" of its imagined wants is never called into doubt. Each time we identify with one of its dark dreams -- taking it as our own -- we consent to not only embody the ceaseless hunger of this sleeping self, but also to live with its fear of seeing that it will never be able to complete itself with what it wants. (5/3/17)

  • If nothing else, always strive to remember this: the greatest part of life -- its one and only True Full Expression -- will never be found in what the mind can imagine, what the eyes strain to see, let alone in what the hands hope to hold. (4/30/17)

  • The gradual realization that you're engaged in a conversation with a level of mind that's set against itself... is the same as being released from its pain. (4/28/17)

  • It's impossible to separate being identified with the pursuit of some false purpose in life from the unconscious suffering produced by the same. (4/26/17)

  • First, he wears out pleasure,
    Then, he wears out pain...
    At last his eyes see truly,
    They've always been... the same. (4/23/17)

  • The only true solution to that constant press of discontentment in your life is not to acquire more of what has proven powerless to please you, but to consciously detach yourself from that level of self that believes the path to contentment is paved by continually thinking about what is missing from your life. (4/21/17)

  • There are some things in this life -- in this world of passing time, governed as it is by the illusion of opposites -- that cannot grow up side-by-side; by their nature, the lion and the lamb never lay down together. So it is with love and self-pride, for love of self denies obedience... While love demands it. (4/19/17)

  • Part 1

    Nothing True, Harmless, and Timelessly Good has ever taken root and flowered in this world that wasn't first sown by love, cultivated through sacrifice, and ultimately... watered by tears.

    Part 2

    Real interior strength is not the absence of weakness anymore than a Lotus can bloom without the mud in which it is rooted. (4/16/17)

  • Stop looking for reasons, things, people, and events to blame for your negative state, and start waking up to the lower level of self that's responsible for it. (4/14/17)

  • No matter how it appears -- in any given moment, even in the midst of the most unwanted ones -- life is never falling apart, never falling down on you. In truth, real Life is always falling into place in order to introduce the next level of revelation, which is the same as the realization of your own higher possibilities. (4/12/17)

  • Neither the intellect that analyzes (psychological) pain -- nor the negative emotions that glorify it -- can do one thing to change the pain they resist and embrace at the same time; their single task is to secretly strengthen the false sense of self that's derived from their actions. (4/9/17)

  • The cost of starting over spiritually is not what I pay to achieve some distant desire, but it is in my willingness to let go of -- to dare to live without -- any desire I may have whose promise of fulfillment drives me to search for it in yet another tomorrow. (4/7/17)

  • Whenever we start to feel small it's only because we have unconsciously identified ourselves with life's little things. (4/5/17)

  • Every flood begins with a single raindrop; the small streams they create soon turn into rushing waters, gathering into a force whose power can wash away whatever stands in its path. All dark destructive interior states begin with a single moment of unconsciously identifying with a negative reaction that soon turns into a torrent of punishing thoughts and feelings. Your willingness to choose watchfulness over resistance to these surging states is the same as allowing them to pass by, leaving you safe and dry. (3/31/17)

  • Part 1

    It is impossible to cooperate with celestial forces that would help see to our perfection, and try to protect ourselves from them at the same time.

    Part 2

    We can either agree to accept the life lessons that the Divine arranges just for us, or we can resist their healing appearance... the difference being whether we awaken to realize a new and higher order of being, or continue to suffer for nothing. (4/2/17)

  • The pain of any dark, unwanted moment -- of any suffering that makes your life feel pointless -- is best reconciled by this revelation, along with its implied action: Yours is the right to exchange any form of feeling powerless for the realization that nothing about it -- neither its pain, nor its sense of despair belongs to who you really are. (3/29/17)

  • If you would never agree to let others denigrate your name, drag you through the mud -- or punish you whenever it pleases them -- then why do you accept the painful presence within you of some dark unseen character that's always doing the same? (3/26/17)

  • Wading into what you fear most is the only way to discover that these unknown waters -- that you think will drown you -- are only 6 inches deep! (3/24/17)