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  • We rarely see when we take the path of least resistance in life -- that low road called "guaranteed to go nowhere" -- because of how immediately we identify with the legion of thoughts and feelings that always appear in that same moment of our suffering to justify the "choices" we make to escape it. (3/10/17)

  • Part 1

    Humility comes only with our capacity to feel our own nothingness and, at the same time, to feel all that we are given to be.

    Part 2

    It's impossible to feel real life and to fear it at the same time.


  • The emptiness of the sleeping human being: he looks, but doesn't see; she listens, but doesn't hear; they grasp, but none touch real life, nor can it touch them. (3/5/17)

  • The more unwanted moments you're willing to walk into, the fewer unwanted moments will you have to go through. (3/3/17)

  • Part 1

    The purer the reflection, the more immaculate its conception.

    Part 2

    We are not lifted by our emotions... rather, we are chained to them; we go where they take us. As long as our identity is a derivative of any temporary passion, our sense of self is a by-product of the same... much in the same way as a spark owes its existence to the flame that gives it birth. When the fire dies, so does its heat. (3/1/17)

  • Freedom is not something you find by fleeing from a negative state into the waiting arms of some better time to come. Real freedom is seeing that the whole idea of a "better time to come" can't exist without the unhappy nature that needs to imagine it... and then dare to drop both that tormented level of self -- and the time it lives in -- right on the spot. (2/26/17)

  • Being in a rush feels like the natural solution anytime you 're running late, but in truth all any anxious state really does is help hide a lower level of self that's incapable of considering the best use of your time, let alone what its unconscious "choices" are doing to you! (2/24/17)

  • There is likely nothing more painfully mistaken -- no greater impediment to the realization of our freedom than the feeling that we are somehow entitled to it; we are entitled to nothing, and yet -- even in this world of spellbound souls who can only dream of being free -- we may have anything for which we're willing to make the appropriate payment. (2/22/17)

  • Part 1

    Love grows around love. Hatred grows around hatred. This is why we must be ever so careful when it comes to the kind of thoughts and feelings that are continually, unconsciously being cultivated in our heart.

    Part 2

    Learn how to use everything, with everyone... to observe, consciously, exactly why the world is the way it is; but always be mindful to see without enmity... what you're given to see. (2/19/17)

  • There are times when there's more to be gained from "losing" a fight, than there is in winning it. Show me the men and women who enter only into battles they're sure they can win, and I will show you a frightened lot who have all but forsaken the possibility of "winning" a place in Heaven. (2/17/17)

  • Part 1

    Behind every expectation that we have for how we should be treated by others lurks the inevitable sense of feeling betrayed by them any time they fail to hit their assigned mark. Behind this disappointment in their character or demeanor -- in fact, its partner in this kind of discrimination -- dwells an unseen sense of righteousness based on a false assumption that we are nothing like what we are so easily moved to judge.

    Part 2

    It's always the right time to discover something new and true about our present level of being, even if, in that same moment, what we uncover seems altogether wrong. (2/15/17)

  • Real life is a perfect stream of what is always being made New; to enter its current we must agree to see, sacrifice, and shed whatever is keeping us from being a conscious part of its flow. (2/12/17)

  • What is Divine knows how to change your heart; you just have to let it. (2/10/17)

  • Part 1

    This moment -- now -- is the timeless ground, seed, and fulfillment of all that is possible for us to be; to discover its riches is the first step in realizing, and then reclaiming our True Self.

    Part 2

    Wanting to be anything other than aware of what creation is ceaselessly showing you about yourself is wasting what Life itself wants for you: a chance to realize, and become as one with a new and higher level of consciousness attainable in no other way.

  • The "power" of evil lies only in the subtlety of how it's able to temporarily incarnate itself, which means any sense of being powerless in its presence is nothing more than our ignorance of how it works its ways within us. Evil, the "devil" that seems to plague us has no form of its own. There's only one way it can manifest itself in our life -- and in this world -- accordingly: it deceives us into clothing it with "material" borrowed from whatever parts of us remain undiscovered in our consciousness. (2/5/17)

  • The rush to judge some character flaw in another human being is one and the same as the speed with which the false self races to hide from itself a similar imperfection. (2/3/17)

  • Part 1

    Between a reaction and our response (to it), we must find the will to repose. Without being able to enter into the timeless space between what stirs us, and what it reveals within us, it's likely that what we see as a wise choice (in that moment) will prove itself an action born of some ignorance yet to be realized.

    Part 2

    Knowledge doesn't exist without the past, while Wisdom has no past. (2/1/17)

  • Stop complaining. Start changing. The appearance of every moment comes with an unseen pair of "buttons:" one says "down." The other says "up," which means that the direction that your life goes in is your choice. Choose wisely! (1/29/17)

  • Making whatever sacrifice you make for what you love is the same as working for Love itself: a Master that always pays more than what is earned, and who never fails to advance the one who agrees to enter into His employ. (1/27/17)

  • Being "clever," or "strong" enough to escape unwanted moments is not the same as escaping the fearful nature within us that creates them. Freedom, real freedom, is not being able to successfully avoid the things we fear; rather, it is the moment-to-moment realization of a relationship with the whole of Life... wherein we can see that who we are, our True Self, has nothing to fear in this world, or in any other. (1/25/17)