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Notes from grateful readers.

“Guy, just wanted to say that I've read a couple of your books recently and found them remarkable in the true essence of learning about oneself. I'd like to thank you so much for your fabulous writings ... what can I say to you but, "Bravo!" ”

— Victoria C., New York

“Just finished reading Let Go and Live in the Now. Loved it. Looking for more of your books at our library. Fantastic. Definitely will follow these valuable insights and lessons. Be whole, Be Well, Namaste.”

— Wolfgang H.

See what the experts say about Guy Finley's work.

“I enthusiastically endorse The Seeker, The Search, The Sacred. People will keep this book on their nightstands as a permanent Dreamweaver and source of inspiration. Readers will be able to inspire both themselves and others to accomplish great things. ”

— Murray W. Nabors, Ph.D., Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Missouri Western State University, author of The Magical Dozen

“This book is a treasure chest of perceptual insights. Open it up and allow its transformative jewels to adorn your awareness.”

— Michael Brown, author of The Presence Process and Alchemy of The Heart

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  • Only What Is Dead Tries to Resurrect Itself (Writing - 7/21/17)

    You can't reconcile the pain of the past by talking to yourself about it any more than you can "clean up" spilled soup and put it back in the pot.

  • No One Is Right Who Does Wrong... Regardless the Reason (Writing - 7/14/17)

    The strength of your negative reaction over what someone else may have done to hurt you does not prove his wrongness, but speaks only to your weakness for allowing yourself…[more]

  • If You Want to Keep Crying, Just Keep Identifying (Writing - 7/7/17)

    It's impossible to be identified with a negative state unless you have an unseen stake in the reason for its appearance.

  • Beware of Thieves Bearing Gifts (Writing - 6/30/17)

    God sends the "fool" the company of both flatterers and thieves, but rarely does the fool recognize that there's no difference between the two...until it's too late.

  • How to Stop Reliving All the Same Old Painful Experiences (Writing - 6/23/17)

    Part 1 No evil can be done to me save for those moments when -- enmeshed in a forgetfulness not my own -- I can't remember the Good. Part 2…[more]

  • There is No Map to Freedom (Writing - 6/16/17)

    The more lost in thought you become, the less likely you'll be able to find your way back Home.

  • One of Evil's Favorite Places to Hide (Writing - 6/9/17)

    A man of good -- upon seeing evil in another person -- neither judges that evil, nor its unwitting instrument because he has seen such a darkness in himself, and…[more]

  • There's No Such Thing as a Nourishing Torment (Writing - 6/2/17)

    Allowing anything to eat at you, by consenting to sit down with it at the "table of torment," serves nothing... save the pleasure of some dark and "hungry" part of…[more]

  • Take Yourself Out of Harm's Way By Agreeing to Be Harmless (Writing - 5/26/17)

    When we will do what we know in our hearts is the right thing for us to do, for no other reason than it is the right thing to do,…[more]

  • Misery Loves Company (Writing - 5/19/17)

    Being able to let go of any negative state takes place naturally as you see that the only thing binding you to it, and its misery, is your own attention.

  • Seek the One Solution That Dissolves Useless Suffering (Writing - 5/12/17)

    Real freedom isn't the ability to imagine some new solution to rid you of some old suffering, but rather to awaken the higher understanding that allows you to transcend the…[more]

  • Fools Rush In Where the Wise Fear to Tread (Writing - 5/5/17)

    There is no such thing as the innocent remembrance of some past pain or tormenting moment in your life.

  • Jump Off the Pain Train (Writing - 4/28/17)

    The gradual realization that you're engaged in a conversation with a level of mind that's set against itself... is the same as being released from its pain.

  • Discover This Truth and Watch Discontentment Disappear (Writing - 4/21/17)

    The only true solution to that constant press of discontentment in your life is not to acquire more of what has proven powerless to please you, but to consciously detach…[more]

  • End the Nightmare of "Knowing" Why You Need to Be Negative (Writing - 4/14/17)

    Stop looking for reasons, things, people, and events to blame for your negative state, and start waking up to the lower level of self that's responsible for it.

  • Exchange Your Desire for Tomorrow for the Light That Lives Today (Writing - 4/7/17)

    The cost of starting over spiritually is not what I pay to achieve some distant desire, but it is in my willingness to let go of -- to dare to…[more]

  • Better to Be Watchful Than to Be Sorry (Writing - 3/31/17)

    Every flood begins with a single raindrop; the small streams they create soon turn into rushing waters, gathering into a force whose power can wash away whatever stands in its…[more]

  • Walk Straight Into What You Fear and Be Free (Writing - 3/24/17)

    Wading into what you fear most is the only way to discover that these unknown waters -- that you think will drown you -- are only 6 inches deep!

  • Quitters Never Prosper (Writing - 3/17/17)

    The greatest point of resistance, the moment of its greatest intensity, whether it's a rose just about to open, an aircraft just about to break the sound barrier, or whatever…[more]

  • See This Truth and Step Off the Low Road to Nowhere (Writing - 3/10/17)

    We rarely see when we take the path of least resistance in life -- that low road called "guaranteed to go nowhere" -- because of how immediately we identify with…[more]