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Notes from grateful readers.

“I purchased and listened to The Majestic Life recently and I can't say enough about it. To me, along with his book The Secret of Letting Go, it is a true masterwork.”

— Robert B.

“I've read tons of self help books, I just finished Let Go and Live in the Now. It truly has been an amazing eye-opener. Thank you.”

— Tom M.

See what the experts say about Guy Finley's work.

“In [The Essential Laws of] Fearless Living, Guy Finley is asking us, if we are willing, to explore our inner workings...Becoming Self-aware and therefore conscious here and now is the only real pathway out of our needless suffering, disharmony and unrest.”

— Sundance Burke, author of Free Spirit: A Guide to Enlightened Being

“Guy Finley is a master spiritual teacher and writer. He touches us at a soul level, awakening divine wisdom. I felt profound joy and love, while reading The Essential Laws of Fearless Living.”

— Ella Speakes, producer/host of the Ella Speakes Show

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    The more lost in thought you become, the less likely you'll be able to find your way back Home.

  • One of Evil's Favorite Places to Hide (Writing - 6/9/17)

    A man of good -- upon seeing evil in another person -- neither judges that evil, nor its unwitting instrument because he has seen such a darkness in himself, and…[more]

  • There's No Such Thing as a Nourishing Torment (Writing - 6/2/17)

    Allowing anything to eat at you, by consenting to sit down with it at the "table of torment," serves nothing... save the pleasure of some dark and "hungry" part of…[more]

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