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Notes from grateful readers.

“I just watched the video for Guy's new book The Secret of Your Immortal Self -- what a wonderful message -- it took me to a higher place where I know truth lies waiting for us all.

My heart is opened a little more. Please know that all EVERYONE does there at the Foundation to help awaken humanity, for me, is inspiring and helps me to continue working as well.”

— Bonnie H., Englewood, CO

“At age 78 after a lifetime of books, teachers, gurus, therapists, preachers, videos, and audios on personal/spiritual growth, nothing has had the blessed impact of your [materials]! I am most grateful.”

— Richard M., Spokane, WA

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“Awe inspiring with timeless wisdom that goes straight to the heart.”

— Linda Mackenzie, founder, HealthyLife.Net Radio Network

“Guy Finley is a prophetic teacher whose focus is on the Light within each human being. His message is that when we direct our thoughts toward this Light we can live without fear and negativity. In this book, he provides a lesson plan for self-empowerment and transformation.”

— Mary Carroll Nelson, author of Beyond Fear, A Toltec Guide to Freedom and Joy: The Teachings of Don Miguel Ruiz

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Key Lesson: It is far better for us to seek the Truth of ourselves, as challenging as this course may be at times, than to rest in the false comfort of believing ourselves to be something we are not, and then finding out too late the lie.

Remember Your True Identity and Realize Self-Liberation

I know how hard it is to remember there is a Higher Life that's truly for us -- especially when every day it seems as though so many things are trying to take something away from us. But don't let the darkness or the deterioration of this sleeping human world cause you to be confused about the nature of the Awakened Life that awaits you. The truth is that God wants us to succeed in ways beyond our present ability to see -- that is until we open our eyes to how our own false sense of self has us stumbling around in the dark!

Once we understand that even though certain mistaken identities seem very real to us -- such as always feeling as though we are a hopelessly weak person, or some other kind of victim -- our new understanding is there, within us, showing us, telling us the truth: Who we really are cannot be compromised without our unconscious consent. We are neither the weakness we feel, nor are we the one in contempt of ourselves for its power over us. We have just been asleep to ourselves, that's all. Now we wake up!

And we must learn to say NO to those unconscious parts of ourselves that want us to believe that the way our lives have gone is the only way they can go. We must say NO to the lies this lower nature throws at us when it tells us we will lose ourselves if we end that destructive relationship we had been deceived to live in.

The truth is it won't be our life that comes to a close as we walk away from what we now see never worked. No! What will begin to die is the dark nature whose will we had done, because it cannot live in the light of our new wish and inner work to be free.

To help you strengthen the spiritual YES in you, learn to put Truth first, last, and always in your life. This grand YES will grow to have greater and greater meaning to you as you put it into practice. To give you one instance, always say YES to being ruthlessly honest with yourself about yourself. It doesn't matter where you are or what you are doing, you can always come awake to yourself and remember the truth that there is no truth that is bad for you to know. This knowledge, coupled with your active wish to be free, outweighs any fear that may pop up in you as you observe yourself this way. This remembrance is like liquid gold. It enriches the right parts of you each time you can be aware of yourself through this Aim.

This article is excerpted from Breaking Dependency.

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