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“I really appreciate to work with the materials of Guy Finley. It is pinpointing for me on a lot of issues.”

— Angelie, Netherlands

“I just discovered the book [The Essential Laws of] Fearless Living and started to read it. I'm currently on page 105 and it has already changed me. . . . I feel less AFRAID!!! I was just diagnosed with [a] chronic disease and have [been] going through the toughest time in my 35 years of life and let me tell you, this book is a breath of fresh air! Thank you so much for giving hope!!”

— Eli F.

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“This interesting and well written book leads the reader to the pearl of great price -- the realization of the Divine within.”

— Joseph Polansky, Editor, Diamond Fire Magazine # 3

“This little book packs a big punch with great inspirational messages and wisdom that will open your heart and soul.”

— John Assaraf, featured expert in the book and movie The Secret

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Stop Dreaming and Start Digging!

Key Lesson: Waiting for the "right time" to come, when you'll clean up your act and finally make some real changes in yourself, is like spending all your time complaining about the unkempt condition of your neighbor's garden while your own is overrun with weeds!

The Freedom to Change Your Life Experience

Our present experience of life, for its happiness or sorrow, is nothing more or less than what certain unconscious parts of us tell us it is. This means that before we can hope to change our life experience, we must stop trying to re-write the Book of Life and work instead to awaken ourselves from the dreams of the unseen storyteller within us.

We cannot change what life brings to our door until we learn to change the way in which we answer it!

The reason perfect love casts out fear is because any unwanted condition willingly embraced loses its power over us. No one is a captive of what is agreed to, nor does he wish for a time to come when he will be free. Only when we are no longer driven to imagine a freedom apart from what the moment holds for us, will we find that we are free now.

Trying to make yourself feel better by imagining a happier time to come is like hoping to make the pain of being hungry go away by reading a menu.

The best time -- in fact, the only time -- to make a real change in your life is in the moment of seeing the need for it. He or she who hesitates always gets lost in the hundred reasons why tomorrow is a better day to get started!

This article is excerpted from 365 Days to Let Go.

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