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Notes from grateful readers.

“Please give my regards to Guy and please thank him. His work has given me my life back and has enabled me a peace and happiness and joy that I have never been able to see before.”

— Charlotte V., Charlottesville, VA

“I thank Guy Finley and you all from the depth of myself for truly reaching me and allowing me to finally and clearly know what choosing freedom feels like.”

— Kareen R., United Kingdom

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“Guy Finley's The Secret of Your Immortal Self helps unlock the doorway to your inner Self. Guy writes in a manner that is both poetic and practical. I highly recommend this book to anyone seeking truth. ”

— Nayaswami Jyotish, Spiritual Director, Ananda Sangha, Author of How to Meditate'

The Essential Law of Fearless Living, by Guy Finley, is the best of the self help books [reviewed]. Finley has a way of getting at the heart of a matter with stories, metaphors and insight that is transformative. In my experience, nobody does a better job revealing what is really going on in the human mind, and helping us see into our own minds.”


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Find the Source of Strength, Shelter, and Comfort

Key Lesson: Whenever we will put ourselves on the side of what we know is true, then the Truth takes our side... lending us what is noble, needful, and divine; so Truth sees to it that we are strengthened by wisdom, sheltered by light, and that our heart knows the peace of having fulfilled her plan.

Expanding Our Understanding of the Nature of Truth

It seems that everywhere I go today, everyone has their own idea of what the truth is and why I should support their idea or value system. So my question is, what is truth and how do I come upon it for myself?

Start simply. It may not seem so at the outset of your journey, but the Truth is always simple. For instance, here is a simple truth to ponder: Thought tends to confuse what is true; it twists it. No one has to tell us this truth. We can see it anytime we go into denial or self-justification. Here the mind races to resolve its own contradictions. For instance, when it finally yields to the truth that of itself it cannot succeed at rescuing itself, in the same moment we see two truths: First, how thought confuses the truth, and second, how evident the truth of this is on the other side of the storm…all of which reveals another truth: Truth is self-evident. And so we come upon the one truth that is the gateway to the Truth we seek: Know thyself. Can you see the beauty in this root truth? No one else need be depended upon for the way to the Truth that sets us free, for it resides right within us. What this means to us is that we need no other authority in our lives beyond those truths we are willing to learn about ourselves.

Is the idea that the truth knows "all is well" simply a matter of faith, or are there facts to support it?

There are facts supporting the Truth's statement that all is well, but it takes "eyes that can see" them. We live in a perfectly ordered universe, a system of infallible balance. To be able to see this invisible world, with all of its perfect workings, ensures for anyone who can see it that not only is all well, but that there is no essential need for fear. The more we are able to inwardly perceive this orderly universe, the greater our ability is to let go of ourselves and allow the Intelligence that created this order to do what it has been secretly doing all along, which is to invite us to take part in it. Our work is about seeing the truth of all this and allowing our discoveries to guide us to the higher destination of which they hint.

I have read the words of certain saints and masters, all of whom allude to the idea that the stars line up for those who seek the Celestial. If this is true (and I hope it is!), why does truth want us to succeed in realizing its promise for us?

If you can see the validity of the following idea as it operates in your everyday life, you will see the Celestial truth behind it. Haven't you ever loved someone, and out of this love wanted more for them than they even knew to imagine? So it is with Truth's wish, with the Creator's wish for us.

So many ideas abound today about the nature of truth. I don't know what to believe, especially with all this business about "creating your own reality." Is truth simply subjective to each individual? In other words, is there only truth according to each person?

Firstly, if we are awake, we can learn to see "the Celestial in the common" all around us, that in all things this scale of life promises a true and incorruptible beginning. What this source is called has no bearing on its reality and its ability to act as a beacon for those who are tired of walking around in the dark. Secondly, beliefs are not the issue; the issue is the nature that holds them, which is why we must come to an understanding of levels of being and of scale. Absolutely there is an Absolute Truth. But the fact of this Truth does not negate the fact that we are lost and struggling on this planet only because presently we are each, to whatever degree, living out the effects of a subjective truth and the "reality" it produces. This subjective reality is the illusion, the dream from which we are to awaken. When this dream ends, so does the dreaming self. The truth of an awakened life is the same for all so aware.

This article is excerpted from Seeker's Guide to Self-Freedom (pp.7-9).

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