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“You have written an immensely enlightening book which touches the heart and soul of everyone who reads it. An excellent work of profound insight.”

— Jeremiah T., Hong Kong

“It is my goal to come and hear Guy Finley live. Guy has internally changed my life. He has impacted me with his wisdom as no other then the Holy Scriptures. In fact he has made the bible come alive with his teaching. I have read many of his book and purchase many tapes and I thirst for so much more. I will get to one of his live talks very soon. I had to write, this brother Guy Finley is awesome! I LOVE his teaching! ”

— John S., Pennsylvania

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“This is not a little book…it is a great book with huge messages. Letting go doesn't have to be difficult or filled with fear. Letting Go: A little Bit at a Time, beautiful inspirations for giving your Self the perfect, in divine order, timing to heal.”

— Sherry Anshara, founder, QuantumPathic Center of Consciousness, host of Conscious Healing and Founder Blended Healthcare Consortium

“This interesting and well written book leads the reader to the pearl of great price -- the realization of the Divine within.”

— Joseph Polansky, Editor, Diamond Fire Magazine # 3

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Stop Protecting What's Punishing You!

Key Lesson: The justification of any negative state serves one and only one thing: the protection and the preservation of the same dark nature responsible for its manifestation.

Free Yourself From Useless Suffering

Though it may seem too steep a hill to climb, especially the first time we consider its ascent, nevertheless, here's the first step that leads to freedom from useless suffering: we must begin to doubt our own suffering. To this idea the masses cry, "Impossible! Pain as real as ours is undeniable!"

No one is saying to deny this pain or to otherwise pretend it's not there. Yes, the feeling of any pain is real, but here's what we must come to see if we would set ourselves free: all the excuses we're handed -- by ourselves -- for why we must continue to hurt ourselves are like flies that travel with trash. The only purpose they serve is to make something worthless seem valuable; garbage is garbage, no matter how it comes wrapped!

Consider closely the twin truths in the following summary. Within them rests the understanding -- and the power -- you need to start throwing useless suffering out the door:

The justification of any negative state serves one end only: the protection and the preservation of the nature responsible for its manifestation.

Any part of our nature that finds good reason to justify our pain is the source of that pain it justifies.

This article is excerpted from The Secret of Your Immortal Self (pages 205-206).

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