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“I listen every day to [Guy Finley's] recordings, and like his sense of humor! A great story teller & speaker!”

— Shirley, France

“Hi Guy, I just discovered your website through a self-development website's radio show. OMG. I LOVE YOU. I have been searching for information like this in my spiritual journey because these are the kind of talks I love having with people. You are a breath of fresh air in the spiritual community. I was supposed to find your site at this journey in my life and Thank you!!!”

— Brenda P.

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“In a world full of false promises of external solutions to what are essentially spiritual problems, The Secret of Your Immortal Self helps set the crooked path straight.”

— Dr. Stephen and Beth Daniel, Founders of

“Each saying in Guy Finley's little book on Letting Go is like an arrow of light directed at the heart. If you let it in, it will do its perfect work.”

— Joseph Polansky, editor, Diamond Fire Magazine

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Find the Source of Higher Kindness Hidden in Your Own Helplessness

Key Lesson: The more willing we are to see our own helplessness -- as it relates to how easily we can be made instantly negative -- the less troubled we are with the experience of meeting this same helplessness in others.

Authority Over Whatever Punishes You

Whatever we try to go around in ourselves guarantees it will come around again, which is why the things we fear in life and about ourselves always tend to reappear. Here's the law that governs this relationship: whatever we resist in life persists as it does because whatever we oppose grows!

In the New Testament, Christ told his disciples, "Resist not evil." But when we translate this phrase from the Greek back into the original Aramaic language of the time, it reads as follows: "Do not oppose what opposes you." Keeping the above new knowledge in mind, we can start seeing the wisdom hidden in other well-known spiritual laws, such as: "Judge not that ye be not judged." Our resistance to dark thoughts and feelings does not put distance between them and ourselves; just the opposite is true: our attention feeds them, strengthening their grip on us, which is why -- just like being caught in quicksand -- the more we struggle, the more we sink into the unwanted state from which we hope to escape. Nothing changes in such fights save for the arena in which we find ourselves pinned again by some recurring pain. It's time to walk an entirely new path -- one that appears only in the light of the following higher self-knowledge:

Everything in the universe is created to change.

Nothing in existence is static; everything is always being acted upon by a trinity of forces whose celestial purpose is the revelation and perfection of all upon which they act. In exactly this same manner, what moves downward is designed to assist and help lift what moves upward; their connection is timeless, even though this invisible relationship is revealed only in passing time. And this grand theory of dynamic reconciliation applies directly to our negative states. They too exist and are created for the purpose of being transformed into something else.

Everything that appears within us, with no exception, is part of this beautiful process: transformation and transfiguration is the great law of life. In our physical world, the light of the sun -- in any one of its infinite expressions -- drives these changes. But what we've yet to understand is that this exact same principle holds true when it comes to any indwelling dark state. So now, let's bring this same higher understanding down into our everyday experience and see how it can help lift us above dark thoughts and feelings.

Any negative state that we choose to bring into the light of ourselves will be changed by that same awareness into which we bring it.

This conscious choice -- to be self-illuminating in the face of what seems to be dominating us -- changes our relationship with the matrix of all that is real. Now life, its light, fights for us. Its authority cannot be challenged, which means that whatever we bring into its living light transfers this authority over to us. Dark states are now used for the higher purposes they are meant to serve, which, in turn, serves our true purpose in life, which is to be increasingly whole and free.

Key Lesson: Nothing in reality is fixed; the illusion of some unwanted, unchanging nature within you is the work of unseen resistance to the ceaseless transformation that is the matrix of real life.

This article is excerpted from The Secret of Your Immortal Self (pages 211-214).

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