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Notes from grateful readers.

“I love Guy's books; they come from such a wonderful place within him, and for this reason, he is able to touch so many peoples' lives, and help them to find the wonderful places within themselves. He is a treasure, and I am grateful that I came across his books; who he is, shines through the words, throughout his writings. ”

— Cheryl

“I just ordered Guy's new book on Love, on Apprentice of the Heart. As with most everything Guy writes and speaks about, it's moving beyond words, moving to tears, openings, challenges, the whole gamut.”

— Chris D., Ashland, Oregon

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“Read Guy Finley's Letting Go...Absorb its timeless wisdom and achieve true freedom.”

— Dr. Joe Rubino D.M.D., internationally acclaimed personal development trainer, success coach, best-selling author

“With inspiring and poetic words, Guy Finley offers timeless truths to ponder. In the stillness of the present moment, we may begin to see beyond the illusion conditioned self to the deeper, Immortal Self within. Here, we find our peace, wisdom, strength, and stability in a world of ever-changing form and circumstance. This book is highly recommended for those seeking a higher, more enlightened way.”

— Keith Park, PhD, Author of The Serenity Solution: How to Use Quiet Contemplation to Solve Life's Problems

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Invite the Light of Truth to Give You a New Heart

Key Lesson: What is Divine knows how to change your heart; you just have to let it.

See Yourself Through the Eyes of Truth

At present, what little awareness we have of what is wrong with us feels to us as though life is trying to punish us for what we are. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our awareness of those aspects of ourselves, where we know we miss the mark, is not life condemning us. We do this dark deed to ourselves. It is misunderstanding the Goodness of life that causes us to miss seeing it.

Each time we catch a glimpse of a character shortfall in us, we do so by the grace of a Living Light. And it invites us, asks us -- in the only form of a "dialogue" that we can share for now with this force for our perfection -- to see ourselves in its light. So it is not negative to see the negative since it is the Perfectly Positive that makes this kind of seeing into ourselves possible.

All this compassionate Intelligence asks is that we accept its corrective Presence in us, and then to stand there, as conscious as we can be, within Its Light within ourselves. If we will receive what it reveals we are released from that former darkness. The Light transforms it and we are equally changed in that moment.

What can we do to strengthen the potential in this process of allowing the Light to transform us? No one can be free who refuses to see what actually lives within him or her. Authentic self-healing must begin with Truthful self-seeing. There is no other order, no other way.

Consciousness of any unwanted condition in us must precede its correction, just as the rising sun dismisses any of our fears imagined hidden in the darkness of night. This is why we must learn that anything in us that does not want us to see the truth about our actual unenlightened condition is itself a part of what is punishing us. We can learn to do much better!

"The medicine is bitter, but it heals," said the late, great author Vernon Howard when it comes to seeing the truth of our lives. If we would heal the hidden hurt in us then we must learn that the initial bitterness of discovering the truth about ourselves is actually the front-runner of our ultimate spiritual victory over what has been defeating us.

Remember that whenever we see something in us needful of correction, this sudden "vision" of some interior division in us is a secret invitation to be healed by Wholeness Itself. Our work in these moments is not to condemn ourselves, or otherwise fear or find fault with what we have been shown. Blaming others or ourselves for our suffering is always an act of self-deception that immediately negates the possibility of our freedom. Our sole task is to see ourselves through the eyes of Truth and then leave Truth to take care of the rest.

Any time you see something in yourself that seems dark, the answer you must give to it is not to fall into darkness over what you have seen. Choose the Higher Path. The Light never shows us anything in ourselves that it hasn't already started to change for us -- if we will only let It!

This article is excerpted from Let Go and Live in the Now (pages 91-94).

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