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Notes from grateful readers.

“Hi Guy, I just discovered your website through a self-development website's radio show. OMG. I LOVE YOU. I have been searching for information like this in my spiritual journey because these are the kind of talks I love having with people. You are a breath of fresh air in the spiritual community. I was supposed to find your site at this journey in my life and Thank you!!!”

— Brenda P.

“I write to give you a big thank you for the wonderful interview with Guy Finley. It was beautiful, intense, sincere, and totally heartfelt. It totally changed my energy -- it is like all my billions of atoms are vibrating at a higher frequency -- if that makes any sense! I am filled with gratitude for everything!”

— Anu B., Lucknow, India

See what the experts say about Guy Finley's work.

“Guy Finley has written another soulful, life-changing book. The Secret of Your Immortal Self will empower you to let go of the past, realize your incredible power within, and help you to connect more deeply with your higher self and true purpose.”

— Kristi Ling, Happiness Strategist, Life and Business Coach, and author of Empower Your Day

“Guy Finley's The Essential Laws of Fearless Living is NOT the same old, same old...his uncanny laser sharp wisdom goes straight to the core of what ails us, while he delivers what will turn our lives around time and time again.”

— Barbara Rose, Ph.D

Self-Development and Self-Improvement Products: The Power to Keep Going When Everything in You Wants to Give Up
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The Power to Keep Going When Everything in You Wants to Give Up

60-Min. Guy Finley Talk

The Power to Keep Going When Everything in You Wants to Give Up

Winston Churchill told the people of war-time England to "Never surrender" in the face of their powerful foe.

What about you? Do you find yourself surrendering again and again to an inner foe that holds you back from living the life you want?

As Guy Finley explains, it's all the result of a misunderstanding.

Within you is playing out an age-old struggle, but it's one you can win when you change your relationship with what's happening in the moment. With the right understanding you will have the power to:

  • Take that first step that invites the forces of the universe to help you the rest of the way

  • Overcome any inertia so you can do what you want and must do

  • Focus your attention where it's needed to make a real difference in your life

Now you can begin to take charge of your life in the right way.

Regain your power to act as you want, when you want, and no longer be held back by negative forces within you. It's all explained in The Power to Keep Going When Everything in You Wants to Give Up.

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