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“i am reading the secret of letting go and it is truly transforming my life...i am anxious to learn all that you have to teach me.”

— Kathryn B, Sarasota, FL

“Dear Guy Finley,

You would not believe the way you saved my life with the info that I got from you recently, specifically 30 Keys to Change Your Destiny... The Secret of Letting Go, 7 Laws of Fearless Living, Self-Perfection audio... I will buy ALL your books -- you are a master at work here. May God bless you.

Kind Regards. ”

— Tanasha M., Centurion, South Africa

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“Guy Finley's visionary wisdom in The Essential Laws of Fearless Living speaks to the deep places within us. Read slowly. Absorb every word. This work redefines limitless living. Gems of Truth are awaiting your discovery.”

— Larry James, professional speaker & relationship coach, author of How to Really Love the One You're With

“The timely message in The Secret of Your Immortal Self is illuminated with accessible, practical wisdom for connecting with our divinity. Finley succeeds in revealing to us that there are no limits to spiritual possibility in the Self that never dies.”

— Richard Harvey, Author of Your Essential Self and The Flight of Consciousness

Self-Development and Self-Improvement Products: Education of the Soul
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Education of the Soul

12.5-Hour Audio Program

Education of the SoulAnswering the Longing for Immortality


Talk 1: The Essence of a Soul Life

  • Life is going according to God's plan only if you are.

Talk 2: Awaken the Lion of Light in Your Soul

  • No animal hides in shame for being itself. No tree bends to the opinion of others. No wind avoids the granite face before it. Only human beings cultivate ways in which to fawn or cower before one another, and all for the sake of winning nothing but a fleeting feeling that for their cunning they have made it through one more day.

Talk 3: Let the Love of Truth Teach You to Love

  • The love of the Living Light is its own reward, for whoever willingly embraces its Spirit holds in his or her heart the inexhaustible supply and Source of Life itself.

Talk 4: The Work of Love

  • Part I: What makes someone a master is not that he or she possesses some unattainable skill, but that these individuals have first realized the existence of, and then made contact with, a world above them that wants to pour its more perfected understanding into their own.

  • Part II: We are only truly complete, in the real meaning of the word, when we are in communication with the world above us and conscious, for its presence in us, of a tender outflow of which we are the intended vessel.

Talk 5: The Wisdom to Let Go and Let God

  • Life only feels like a neverending struggle to us because we continue meeting it head on with our ever-present insistence that it give us what we want, when we want it. In this way, most of the good gifts of life are missed because not only are we always looking in the wrong direction, but we are sure we know what to look for!

Talk 6: Step Into the Untouched Moment

  • Trying to escape the painful effects of spiritual ignorance is like hoping to lose your shadow by running away from the sun.

Talk 7: See Through the Lie Called "Loneliness"

  • You cannot insulate yourself from life without isolating yourself in the fearful world of those uncertain thoughts and feelings that would convince you it is far better to protect yourself from the unknown than to let go and find freedom within it.

Talk 8: Ten Words to Help You Walk Away From Useless Suffering

  • Freedom from self-wrecking behavior must begin with our recognition that we are voluntarily serving that which compromises us, even though we may strongly claim the contrary is true. Such a conscious awareness of (this) conflict inherent in our own divided mind may be difficult to endure, but only if we fail to realize this last point: This conscious awareness (and it alone) is the seed of a new action that eventually flowers in a self-wholeness that is one and the same with true self-freedom.

Talk 9: The Four Favorite Words of the True Spiritual Warrior

  • No one who drinks from the Cup of Truth shall perish; for Truth is the Light, and the Light is forever -- having no beginning or end.

Talk 10: Realize a Happiness That Never Falls From Your Hands

  • Part I: Until we realize the impossibility of finding permanent happiness in impermanent thoughts and feelings, the only thing that will ever change about our lives are those things that we sit and wish hadn't changed.

  • Part II: Much as the waters of a river run through a valley, helping to turn native fertile earth into tillable soils capable of high productivity, so do invisible streams of spiritual currents course through the soul, intended to transform her dark potential into the Light of her purpose fulfilled.

Talk 11: The Essential Elements Concerning Rebirth

  • Not for the hope of eternity, or in claiming that one loves the Light -- for all gladly profess this affection merely for the pleasure of the thought -- but it is our awareness of the eternal kingdom, and in surrendering ourselves to its immutable laws that we gain entrance to our own immortal spirit.

Talk 12: The Keys to the Kingdom of Higher Consciousness

  • Real spiritual poverty, and the wealth of Real Life it fosters in the soul, is a subtle interior state born of the humility in seeing this one fact about ourselves: In our unregenerated state we live from a conditioned and comparative mind whose infinite desires confine the self to live in a closed circle of infinite wants.

Talk 13: God's Education of the Soul

  • Part I: Contrary to popular psychotic belief, God did not create us to look upon His Life as a wish fulfillment center. Instead we are created to live in the awareness that God's life is the center of our being, and that to realize this relationship answers all of our wishes because Love itself has then become our life.

  • Part II: Learning to be grateful for the lessons hard learned is the secret and greater lesson hidden within all moments of the soul's education.

Talk 14: The Principles Behind Practicing the Presence of Truth

  • The surface of anything is always the first to erode, be it paint on a house or some pleasure from a meal. The shallowness of self is inherent in the temporary forces that create it, so that its degradation is built into its very structure. Only the Essential -- hidden deep within us -- may escape the relentless wear and tear of life, and develop beyond being destroyed.

Talk 15: Remember Your Way Back Home

  • Within every soul, a seed, in every seed, the soul of a life created to be whole.

Talk 16: Special Bonus Talk on Meditation

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