The Limit of Your Present View Is Not the Limit of Your Possibilities

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I am in total amazement that you have written a book that fully tells us how to change our life, tells us teaches us shows us. I just shake my head with every page I read of The Secret of Letting Go I can hardly believe that you were able to put this information so clearly so completely in a book. I had gotten this book many years ago, like 20 years, I only skimmed through it, however I was sure to have this book with me through all the moves I've made, actually right now and for the last 2 years most of my things are in storage but this is the only book I kept with me, just there on the shelf, and then a miracle happened, I picked up the book about 2 months ago and got really serious about it. I've never cried so hard as when reading it, cried because it is so clearly my salvation. I stood in the shower this morning and I think for the first time... I just stood with the water running over my face and experienced it, and felt the joy of it. How sad to think of a whole life wasted just being consumed by our dark thoughts. How Wonderful to know we can """"Stay Silent"""" and let those feelings just slip on by. I'm sure I will grow to fully experience The Secret of Letting Go, but for now I feel Happy from within for the first time in my Life. There is no amount of words to describe my gratitude. I just am so blown away that you were able to give this book and it's information to me and to everyone fortunate enough to read it. I would love to share this Secret, anyway I can. Thank You Guy Finley, You are Genius in Your Sharing, and so very Generous.

Anne Kilgore - 7/20/2014