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"Talks in the Pines" 5-Day Intensive Workshop with Author Guy Finley, June 19 to 23, 2013
Life is Only Real When You Are
Let this June be the historic turning point for your personal transformation.

Change your inner world.
This June, during the summer solstice, sincere aspirants from across the nation -- even students from other countries -- will meet in Merlin, Oregon to experience the wonders of an authentic school of higher wisdom. If you're among them, here's what you will see, feel, and realize as your own:
Soul stirring emotions and game-changing insights into how you think about life and toward others.
People, just like you, waking up to new truths about themselves and finding inner liberation.
Freedom from fear, regrets, anger, and worry -- the unthinkable peace of mind that comes with knowing that all of life works for your good!
It's all part of our annual Talks in the Pines retreat. And this is your invitation to be part of it.

* * *

Over a dozen life-changing experiences in 5 days!
Come to Talks in the Pines for the most unforgettable experience of your life. You can attend all of the following programs, or just the parts you choose: 8 complete talks by bestselling author and self-realization teacher Guy Finley, 2 morning meditation sessions, a fun-packed picnic by the river, a home-cooked banquet, and breakout study groups. Note: if your schedule won't allow you to come for the full five days, just come for the three-day weekend. See details below.
You'll have multiple opportunities to interact directly with Guy Finley, and share your insights and special experiences with scores of friendly fellow students. All in all... there is nothing to compare to the atmosphere you'll experience -- intense, buoyant, enthusiastic, humorous, filled with light. You will know that higher forces of truth are present and working for the reorganization and elevation of your very being.

* * *

Discover the missing ingredient in your spiritual development.
Throughout time, the wise and successful seekers have known this truth: It takes a lighted candle to light another; we must have direct contact with a living source of higher wisdom to help awaken the light within, the higher self-knowledge that already dwells within us. Over the last century people traveled to India to hear Sri Ramana Maharshi. Others found their way to France to study with Gurdjieff at the Prieure. Still others trekked the Himalyas in search of Lama Govinda.
But possibilities have smiled upon you. A true school for higher awareness awaits you right here in beautiful southern Oregon. Here, at Life of Learning Foundation, you will find the inspiration and support that will help you discover your True Self, reveal and help you realize the true purpose of your life, and experience a higher love that will never betray you.
People have searched for schools like this since the beginning of time, and true schools have been few and far between. Don't miss the opportunity to find a real connection to the same ocean of spirit that has inspired individuals on the path to self-realization since the dawn of history. The Talks in the Pines opens the door to these higher realms within yourself.

* * *

Take the first step to finding what your heart really wants.
In the end, when all is said and done, we are all looking for one thing: we want to know the truth of ourselves.
We want to know the depths of a love not yet sounded, and the heights to which our own thoughts can carry us. We seek a freedom unbounded, the fearlessness of immortality, the touch of the Divine. This is a special kind of wisdom that few people will ever find. But you can realize these gifts and more, providing you've reached the point in your spiritual development where you understand that your life can't possibly be any richer, deeper, freer than you are.
If you're ready to explore and realize the limitless possibilities of your true self, nothing is more essential than contact with a real teacher and a genuine school of higher learning. And that is what you will find at Talks in the Pines this June.

* * *

Easy to reach. Inexpensive to attend.
5 days of priceless insights for minimal cost.
Life of Learning Foundation is located on 13 wooded acres with giant sugar pine, Douglas fir, meadows, ponds, meditative sitting areas, and organic gardens. We are a truly nonprofit organization and we price our events only to ensure that we cover costs. We're about a 45-minute drive from the Medford, Oregon airport, and about a four-hour drive from Portland, Oregon. You can find lodging at a number of comfortable local inns, or plan to camp at one of the lovely nearby campgrounds on the Rogue River.
Two schedules. Pick the one that works best for you.
Talks in the Pines is designed as a five-day event, and you are encouraged to attend the entire program. But if you are unable to work that into your schedule, plan to come for the long weekend.

June 19-23, 2013
Weds. to Sunday

Includes 8 talks, buffet-style picnic by the Rogue River, 2 meditation sessions, breakout groups, Saturday banquet, snack and breakfast buffets. See Full Schedule >>
5 Days - $149    REGISTER NOW >>
June 21-23, 2013
Friday to Sunday

Includes 6 talks, 2 meditation sessions, breakout groups, Saturday banquet, snack and breakfast buffets. See Full Schedule >>
3 Days - $125    REGISTER NOW >>

Practical applications of higher principles.
During our time together we won't just talk about higher ideas in the abstract. Guy Finley will provide practical examples and exercises that you can use immediately to change your relationship with life. You will also benefit as other students share their experiences and discoveries as they also work with these ideas. By applying celestial principles to your daily experience your life will become more full, more integrated, and more reflective of the Higher will.

You are not alone.
The universe wants you to succeed in your journey of self-realization. And you are not alone in your quest. At Talks in the Pines you will meet others who share your innermost wishes, who want to awaken, who long to be real, who want to know, directly, their relationship with the Divine. It's as certain as such things can be that you will experience a confluence of energies that will lift you toward your goals.
Again: you are not alone. Come to a place where people "speak your language." Make your plans today to visit a true sanctuary where "east and west" meet in an interior world without divide. Come join us at this year's Talks in the Pines!

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For more information regarding the full workshop schedule, local accommodations, and travel arrangements, please contact us at (541) 476-1200 or visit our Web site at:

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