A New Approach to Old Problems
A New Approach to Old Problems
  • Posted: April 8, 2013
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Key Lesson

In the end, all forms of psychological suffering can be traced back to a basic single source: the false belief that our unwanted conditions -- whatever they may be -- are greater than our capacity to change our relationship to them.


The following key lessons are taken from 365 Days to Let Go. Use their insights to help yourself discover the unique opportunities in unwanted conditions...

Life is always new, which means there is no such thing as an "old" problem. What does, in fact, grow "older" in us -- and secretly seasons our suffering -- is how we more readily and rapidly accept our own conclusions that our problems are insurmountable. And so, as amazing as it is, we remain captives of our unwanted condition by consent!

We are never captives of anything other than the illusion that the negative condition that holds our attention for the moment is the only reality available for us to know.

There is nothing in the universe with the power to hold the human mind in painful captivity except for the cage it builds for itself out of its own mistaken thinking.

Once we understand how to use them... life's many unwanted twists and turns are no longer seen as being just isolated, disjointed experiences under whose yoke we are born to be burdened; they are realized instead as unique opportunities whose rewards are the lessons needed for the education of our soul.

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