A Whole Life is a Fearless Life
A Whole Life is a Fearless Life
  • Posted: November 8, 2009
  • Duration: 19min 20sec
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A person can spend many years searching for truth, and at a certain point, because his or her findings have been incomplete, that man or woman will begin to wonder whether or not an authentically fearless life actually exists. Truth itself wants you to know that not only does a life without fear exist, but that it is your right to have such a life. And yet there is an immense difference between suspecting that you are not intended to live with so much worry and anxiety, and the actual relationship with a life that is untouched by these negative states.

As we are presently, we do not see the whole of our own lives. What does it mean to see the whole of something? Whenever "winter storms" come into our lives, we usually run from them because it is not the kind of weather that we want. Instead of staying with the whole movement of that season, of that moment, we bail on ourselves; or more accurately, something inside of us convinces us that this isn't the way that life is supposed to be.

Life itself is cycles, but human beings do not allow the seasons of their own lives prove to them that there is something greater than the sum of its parts. The individual scenes in our lives are intended to change by themselves, but we exit the scene before the whole movement is complete, and therefore we repeat the same scenes over and over again.

You are not the seasons of your life. However, the seasons that you resist become the whole of your life. When the season of suffering, of worry, heaviness, despair, or lack of inspiration passes through, you try to escape how you feel through yet another plan, and therefore you mistake the season for being the very center of your life.

You can understand that everything comes and goes. You are not meant to be in control of life in the way that you currently think. You are meant to be conscious of the part of you that wants to control life. The only time that you think that you have to control an event is when you are afraid of what the event means to you; then it is not you who is in control, but fear that is in control.

Fearlessness comes with a whole life. No real fear exists in the whole. Anger stays as anger, fear stays as fear, negative states remain as negative states because they are fed by resistance. When you do not feed a negative state through resistance, then under law that negative state must move through its natural course. These seasons of the soul move independent of your involvement with them. Who you really are has nothing to do with what comes and goes during your life. Who you really are is unimaginably greater than the sum of all of these parts.

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