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The Works of Guy Finley

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    Fist of Iron

    There is tremendous power in a true intention. If you want your life to change, it's crucial that you bring a specific wish, a definite intention, into each and every moment. These talks will show you how to set a clear, right intention, how to work to fulfill it, and how to bounce back in the face of setbacks. Learn the secret of the "Fist of Iron" that can help you make your wishes come true.

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    Use Any Pain to Gain Self-Liberation

    Everyone suffers at some time. It's the nature of life. But there's a great secret about suffering most people don't know. Suffering has a higher purpose that, once understood, can help transform us into the fearless, compassionate, loving people we're meant to be. Use what you learn in these powerful talks to prove for yourself that whatever life brings can ultimately be for your true good.

2 Item(s)