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The Works of Guy Finley

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    The Keys to Self-Realization

    Self-realization is the secret for transforming every event in your life--even unwanted ones--into a kind of wealth that can never be taken from you. These talks reveal the steps to creating a whole new life, the first law of fearless living, how to enlighten yourself in no time at all, how to rise above any painful relationship or circumstance, and how to realize the majesty of your true self.

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    Journey to the Greatness Within

    Get the timeless guidance you need to become the fearless individual your Heart of hearts has called you to be. Here is the wisdom, insight, and practical exercises that will help you reach higher and higher realms within yourself. Learn how to be true to yourself, awaken and align yourself with higher worlds, grow into your inborn greatness, and find unexpected happiness in true self-wholeness.

2 Item(s)