Talks in the Pines 2015: The Secret of Your Immortal Self

Talks in the Pines 2015: The Secret of Your Immortal Self

""There is no reward on earth, or even amongst the stars, equal to the realization of the Divinity within you. Once achieved, this Celestial Union releases you from sorrow and fear, endows you with serenity and strength, and grants you the final freedom of knowing that... death is not the end of life."" -Guy Finley Whether your wish is to realize a deeper, more meaningful relationship with t...

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"There is no reward on earth, or even amongst the stars, equal to the realization of the Divinity within you. Once achieved, this Celestial Union releases you from sorrow and fear, endows you with serenity and strength, and grants you the final freedom of knowing that... death is not the end of life." -Guy Finley

Whether your wish is to realize a deeper, more meaningful relationship with the Divine, or just to discover how to drop the negative thoughts and feelings that are dragging you down, Talks in the Pines 2015: The Secret of Your Immortal Self will provide you with the spiritual keys you need to make real, lasting changes in your life.

  • Learn how to use every relationship to tap into a timeless wisdom that is your Guiding Light even in the darkest moments.

  • Gain priceless insights about how to enter into your own higher levels of consciousness.

  • Receive real answers to your most important spiritual questions that are equally instructive, illuminating, and encouraging.

  • Be reminded that already living within you is a Timeless and Divine Light that not only has a higher plan for your success in life, but that will do everything it can to help you achieve it.

In this series of talks you'll discover genuine ways to change your actual level of being.

Nothing is more important -- or fulfilling -- than awakening to your potential to experience the Divine and feel the touch of Its Love upon your life. For as you strive towards inner excellence, not only do you rise above all that has held you back, but you serve to uplift the hearts and minds of friends and family around you who see you becoming free.

Guy doesn't just talk about abstract ideas relating to your Immortal Self -- he shows you how to work intensely to turn inspiring knowledge into purposeful actions that can transform your life inside and out. Listening to Guy as he illuminates and expands these higher principles will elevate your self-understanding to a whole new level!

And for the first time we're offering the Talks in the Pines program as downloadable video! Now you can get access to the video replay of Guy Finley's annual workshop at a fraction of the cost. Use the order buttons above to receive immediate access.

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Table of Contents

Talk 1: The Gateway to an Awakened Life

  • We fear our weaknesses...when the right relationship we should have with them is to recognize and receive their appearance (within us) as emissaries of a spiritual strength yet to be realized.

Talk 2: The First Step in Fulfilling the Soul's Great Purpose and Plan

  • Is it better to know - or not to know the truth of oneself in any given moment? To answer this question in the affirmative - and then to respond accordingly - is to fling open the doors of perception, welcoming into your heart a Divine Light that alone has the power to reveal and then heal all that makes the human heart ache.

Talk 3: Agree to Be the Light That Bridges Heaven and Earth

  • Remembering the truth of yourself begins with your agreement to see yourself...even when you don't want to!

Talk 4: Follow This Unfailing Guide to Complete Spiritual Freedom

  • Here is an encouragement, as well as a certainty for those who persist with their interior journey: Just as the sailor knows that a dead calm often precedes the onset of a set of winds to fill his sails, so can the aspirant who is patient in the face of a growing emptiness be assured that a whole new order of fullness is on its way.

Talk 5: Learning to Speak the Language of Wholeness: Part I

  • Until the peace and pleasure found within yourself is equal to or greater than any consolation found outside of yourself, then your power to be patient, loving, and profitable in every moment is, at best, conditional.

Talk 6: How to Invite the Divine to Accelerate Your Spiritual Education

  • Part 1: Self-realization is synonymous with agreeing to make whatever sacrifice is needed to live within Presence; it is the ""on the spot"" successive payment of one's self - by one's Self; it is the cost of a conscious relationship with the Holiness of Life...known only by shouldering your part of its plan as revealed in each passing moment.

  • Part 2: It is impossible to be present to yourself - to share in the presence of the Divine - and do more than one thing at a time...because ""multitasking"" requires your attention to be divided. In other words, you can't see the whole of any moment without being a part of its holiness.

Talk 7: The Unspeakable Mystery of the Spiritual Journey + Q & A

  • Grace allowing, the aspirant finds out that he can't be like someone else whose life he had first imagined, and then coveted. Thus begins his journey. But the second leg of the journey, and in many ways more difficult than the first, starts when he finds out that he doesn't even know how to be himself. And with this revelation is set the third and final leg of his journey: when he understands that all that he is, has been, or can ever hope to be...must be left behind. That is when, as impossible as it may seem, he realizes that his journey to the Divine begins and ends...within himself.

Talk 8: Learning to Speak the Language of Wholeness: Part II

  • What we call the present moment, including all that appears within it, is actually a timeless Presence; it is not the outcome of the past or a door to some imagined future. Passing time is just one of the ways in which what is always present appears, but this movement of time no more defines or confines this Presence than does the rising and setting of the sun change the nature of light.

Talk 9: Realize the Revelation of Your Immortal Self

  • Part 1: The one who wishes, works, and gradually rises to realize the heav- ens within, is the one who fails and falls so many times along the path that the Great Mountain - in its compassion - finally reaches down and lifts him to its heights.

  • Part 2: The journey to the Divine delivers those who aspire to know its Life to a place where all known paths are useless...for what is always new has no direction. The realization of this celestial order of Being is not found in a time to come, but rather in agreeing to become - in each moment - the willing instrument of its reflection.

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