Bright New Actions that Lead to the Fearless Life
Bright New Actions that Lead to the Fearless Life
  • Posted: March 9, 2009
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Key Lesson

When we know -- deeply realize -- that what we're really looking for in this life is what we already are -- and not what we may become -- we stand on the threshold of a new order of being that is effortlessly fearless, fulfilled, and free.


Fear's power over us is nothing more than the way it causes us to forget the truth of ourselves, which is this: we are created to eternally transcend the limits of our present nature, to transform who and what we have been in the very moment it ceases to serve the good of us. But, because we have forgotten this or -- more accurately speaking -- because we are asleep to its power in us, we are compelled to search for, find, and then believe in "powers" outside of ourselves that always betray us in our hour of need.

Actualizing our spiritual right to live without the frustration of fearful limitations is not a question of achieving something new; it begins with choosing to end a relationship with that which has never been true. So, it isn't a question of "What do I do?" but "What must I bring an end to?" Hence, the Christ's saying: "Whoever shall lose his life shall gain it."

Here for your study and consideration are two very common, but false beliefs about what one must do or be in order to transcend the limitations in his or her life. Study them closely. See how their unquestioned socially accepted convention serves to both frustrate and limit our natural right to be fearless. Also included with each example is a suggested new action whose purpose it is to help realize the limitless life of your True Self.

First of the fear-producing false beliefs: We must prepare -- in advance -- for everything that might happen to us.

The world we live in "tells" us it is wise to worry, to stress ourselves over every eventuality, regardless of personal cost to our health, family, or friends. But recall here Christ's admonition: "Take no thought for the morrow." The truth is, the more we prepare to be fearless, the more afraid we become! Here's the new action to find the fearless life: Meet every moment awake to what it wants to give to us: a life essentially limitless in its newness. At the same time, detect and reject any fearful imagining about what might be lost should we step into the unknown moment before us.

Second of the fear-producing false beliefs: Before we can make those real changes in our lives, the ones that will bring us the freedom we seek, we must first secure the approval of others for our actions.

Most of us don't realize how dependent we are on the approval of others, and how we weigh our life choices on scales that not only belong to others, but that are broken as well. Here's the new liberating action: Deliberately release any thought or feeling that would have us believe the freedom that we long for can be found by wearing the yoke of popular opinion.

Here is one last encouraging, fear-busting fact and the bright action it helps to inspire. The source of our True Self is love-in-action. And since love transforms whatever it touches, any limitation can be transcended given our willingness to test this last truth: our True Self is created to neither serve, nor believe in anything other than the living Light that is fearlessness itself. Prove this truth to yourself, and you will know its powers.

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