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  1. A Whole New Christmas Story

    Starting at: $5.79

    We've all heard the Christmas story a thousand times, but I guarantee you've never heard it the way Guy tells it in this deeply compelling talk. A Whole New Christmas Story focuses on the innkeeper, responding to a knock at the door that pulls him away from his wealthy guests, and faces him with a cold, hungry bedraggled couple who have something about them that speaks...

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  2. Interview hosted by Brad Yates
    Interview with Brad Yates on 7/23/09. Topics explored in this dialogue: The Secret of Being Unstoppable... Learn More
  3. Saturdays with Guy (10/12/2013)
    Topics covered: The world is not responsible for your pain, it reveals the pain that's already in you; Judgment of others always follows the rejection of seeing yourself; Real action doesn't leave a footprint; Being rightly active towards a negative reaction means not becoming a passive vessel for it; The more awake you become the less you want to change because you see you can't change yourse... Learn More

3 Item(s)

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