How to Stop Giving Yourself Away!
How to Stop Giving Yourself Away!
  • Posted: July 5, 2010
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Key Lesson

It's impossible to be concerned with how others see you... and be true to yourself at the same time.


There are few places in our life where the pressing want to be wanted -- the need to feel approved by others -- doesn't compromise our true best self-interests.

It's time to snap ourselves out of the painful delusion that any individual either possesses or, in some way, can grant us the power we need to possess ourselves.

No one can give us the approval we seek, because it isn't his or hers to give. And the more we understand the truth of this higher fact, the less inclined we'll be to give ourselves away.

Seeking and receiving approval from others is like sitting down hungry to an imaginary meal. You're invited to eat all you want, but no matter how much imaginary food is served, you can never get your fill. Your hunger remains. No fictional feast ever satisfies.

But this fact isn't so apparent when it comes to our appetite for approval. We still look to others for our sense of self even though the very moment it's received, it must be renewed.

Believing we can't be happy without the approval of others is like thinking that we can't see beauty without someone else's eyes! Time and time again, we come to the same spiritual lesson: no one can give us that which can only be found within our Self. But we must transform our sensing of this timeless Truth into our personal understanding of it. We must do the needed inner work, which alone leads to owning our own lives.

Excerpted From: Freedom From the Ties That Bind, page 102.

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