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  • Saturdays with Guy (11/4/2017)
    Saturdays with Guy

    Saturdays with Guy (11/4/2017)

    • Posted: 11/7/17
    • Meeting: 11/4/17
    • Time: 00:45:00
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    Topics covered: You can't separate a psychological fear from a mistaken identity; A crisis is a moment when opposing forces meet a point of balance that then tips towards either healing or more sickness; Pain serves a divine purpose; To be lukewarm is to refuse to stay in the struggle; Life endlessly creates conditions under which revelation is delivered to you; Awe is the understanding that y...
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  • Free Yourself from the Tyranny of the Past
    Special Lesson

    Free Yourself from the Tyranny of the Past

    • Posted: 1/30/12
    • 662 words
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    Our task, if we want to be free human beings -- if we want a life in which we no longer carry around with us "what he did," "what she didn't do," "what never worked out" -- begins with discovering that there can be no real freedom for us until we understand the nature of the tyranny of the past that still lives within us. One of the main areas of this unchallenged dictatorship that still holds...

  • Find Out What Your Life is For
    Special Lesson

    Find Out What Your Life is For

    • Posted: 7/18/11
    • 824 words
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    How many times will you have that dreaded feeling that "it's all been for nothing"... even as you've "learned" from your mistakes? You may be growing in the addition of psychological information that you carry and refer to about yourself, with lots of facts why you'll never run into trouble again (you know the drill -- how it always starts with how much you see about what you didn't see before...

  • Stop Being Tricked into Serving Dark States
    Special Lesson

    Stop Being Tricked into Serving Dark States

    • Posted: 12/7/09
    • 678 words
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    When we are dominated by any negativity, be it some consuming fear or heated anger, we may think we are in command of ourselves as we rush to judgment or lash out at the world, but a simple question reveals another reality. Who, in his or her right mind, purposely sets themselves on fire? The answer is obvious. No one deliberately defeats one's own best self-interests. This much we all realize...

  • Awaken the New Perception that is Pressure-Free
    Special Lesson

    Awaken the New Perception that is Pressure-Free

    • Posted: 6/22/09
    • 788 words
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    When we turn on a faucet connected to a hose with a small nozzle at its other end, we know from experience that we have to keep the hose in hand, otherwise we will likely get soaked chasing down the runaway end. What happens is that the water pressure, as it passes through the nozzle, transforms our ordinarily tame garden hose into the equivalent of a tethered rocket. With this picture in min...

  • Step Up and Away from Punishing Feelings
    Special Lesson

    Step Up and Away from Punishing Feelings

    • Posted: 12/11/06
    • 965 words
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    No one really wants to talk about it, but the truth is there is a kind of evil spell hanging over each of us and our world as well. In fact, part of this global spell is our denial of its existence. It is called suffering. Everyone does it -- believing that their suffering somehow benefits them. That's how the spell works. Why else would anyone punish himself with unhappy feelings unless he ha...

  • Fulfill the Higher Plan for Healing Whatever Pains You
    Special Lesson

    Fulfill the Higher Plan for Healing Whatever Pains You

    • Posted: 11/20/05
    • 969 words
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    If one day you bang your elbow and seven years later the same spot still aches, and now radiating pains are appearing in your fingers and shoulder, you would start to suspect that something in your body's system was amiss! You would conclude, virtually beyond any doubt, that your original injury never healed properly. By the very fact of its continuing presence in our body, we intuitively kno...


The Essential Laws of Fearless Living

Here is your step-by-step guide to building the foundation of a fearless life. Learn how to see through the illusion of limitation and become unstoppable.

7 Item(s)

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