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Anger (82)

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  • Don't Let Broken Expectations Bring You Down!
    Short Talk

    Don't Let Broken Expectations Bring You Down!

    • Posted: 11/25/08
    • Time: 00:12:02
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    When events do not go according to our expectations, we often light ourselves on fire with anger, blaming life for not having fulfilled our expectations. Then the mind will say, "That's it. I have figured it out. I will live the rest of my life without any expectations." But this one-sided mind does not see that thought as being an expectation in itself. Setting the expectation to have no fut...

  • Take Conscious Command of Unexpected Changes
    Student Talk

    Take Conscious Command of Unexpected Changes (Student Talks)

    • Posted: 4/20/09
    • Meeting: 4/17/09
    • Time: 00:14:00
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    Your true self no more fears an unexpected change in life than water worries about how it will take the shape of the glass into which it is being poured.
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  • Blame Schmame
    Short Talk

    Blame Schmame

    • Posted: 4/25/09
    • Time: 00:06:29
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    What's the difference between blaming someone else for the way you feel, and blaming yourself for something that you have done? There is no difference; they are both essentially the same. So what do blaming others and blaming yourself share in common? They are both an avoidance. We blame others for our negative states so that we don't have to do anything other than see the source of our suffe...

  • Physician, Heal Thyself
    Short Talk

    Physician, Heal Thyself

    • Posted: 8/11/09
    • Time: 00:15:45
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    Most of us are certain that the reason we are upset in any given situation is because of what someone else has done or not done. In general, our day-to-day interactions with other human beings are tainted with some kind of conflict, whether it is in the form of an outwardly expressed war or an inwardly suppressed resentment. There is a passage in scripture that says, "Physician, heal thyself.

  • The Secret of Gentle Intolerance
    Short Talk

    The Secret of Gentle Intolerance

    • Posted: 12/9/09
    • Time: 00:05:17
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    There are things that are true about the spiritual life that the mental man or woman will never know. Human beings are presently bullied around, pushed from pillar to post without even knowing what is happening to them. There is a corrupted state that exists in the consciousness of humanity in which there is an acceptance of interior conflict. When you begin at long last to awaken to your act...

  • Break the Chains of Bitterness
    Short Talk

    Break the Chains of Bitterness

    • Posted: 12/28/09
    • Time: 00:05:02
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    You have within you something that is quite capable of knowing what is good for you and what is not. And although presently it is necessary that you learn new knowledge and find a true source of guidance, ultimately you do not need books or teachers to know from yourself what is true about you. There is something that lives within you that will never harm itself or another human being. When y...

  • Six Words to Help You Drop Any Dark State
    Short Talk

    Six Words to Help You Drop Any Dark State

    • Posted: 6/28/11
    • Time: 00:06:28
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    We cannot experience anything that is not already a part of our consciousness. Any disturbance that we become aware of within ourselves serves as an introduction to an aspect of our own nature that we have been asleep to up until that moment. Within us are already dwells all that is needed for us to be complete, and the only thing that is needed to resolve any psychological disturbance is awar...


The Essential Laws of Fearless Living

Here is your step-by-step guide to building the foundation of a fearless life. Learn how to see through the illusion of limitation and become unstoppable.

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