Learn to Dismiss Self-Wrecking Thoughts
Learn to Dismiss Self-Wrecking Thoughts
  • Posted: April 4, 2016
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Key Lesson

One sure way to tell if you're negative about something that's happened to you... is when you can't stop thinking about it, reliving some idea that simply won't stop. Any thought about an event past that you can't stop running through your mind... is in a race of its own; it sprints forward trying to cross some imagined finish line where it imagines it will finally rest for having finally outrun its own agitated state.


Whenever we recall past mistakes, painfully reliving how we fell down -- either a moment ago or ten years back, aren't we sure that whatever that error may have been -- it shouldn't have taken place?

What on earth compels us to wrestle with what amounts to mental ghosts? After all, once something has happened in our life -- that moment is over; it's gone, done with, finished. Clearly, what was no longer exists in the here and Now. So, we have to ask ourselves, given this understanding that is above dispute, how can something from our own past feel as real and as alive as it does to us in the present moment?

Within our mind lingers an untold number of chemically and electrically stored images of the way things were. These mental pictures include complete scenes of every experience past, as well as pleasurable images of achievements yet to come. And these same images are secret storehouses of all the sensations that accompanied them in the moment of their creation. Each one is laden with its original emotional content that pours into us each time we revisit them.

The only reason we ever find ourselves caught in a psychological storm is because we have been drawn, without knowing it, into identifying with -- actually merging with -- mental images from our past. These images are pre-loaded -- rather like psychological time capsules -- with punishing thoughts and feelings that flood into us the instant we identify with them. As the invisible, but psychically palpable blows from these painful memories pour through on us, we are unconsciously moved to try and resist them -- all of which makes us feel as though we are trapped in a storm about which we can do nothing other than try to escape its lashing!

Once we invite the following insight to become our own, we need never again endure the pounding of such negative states: No storm of mental torment or dark, emotional suffering belongs to you. Any wave of resentment, anxiety, or fear that comes to wash you away is nothing more than a kind of psychic residue left over from who you once were. Not only do these negative states have nothing in common with your true nature, but they cannot enter into the living Now where this higher consciousness lives.

We cannot be punished by any painful thought when we are grounded in the present moment. The reason for this perfect protection is as pure as it is simple: Psychological storms are powerless to push their divisive and destructive forces into the spiritual harbor of Now because, within its native wholeness, they have no way to remain there.

From this moment forward, whenever some storm of dark thoughts appears in us we must neither run from it, nor stand there and hate what we think is happening. Instead we must awaken to ourselves, bring ourselves back into the Now and quietly, deliberately, drop any image that our thought-nature presents within us to justify the brewing conflict. Learning to dismiss negative thoughts that sink our chances to be happy takes dedicated inner work, but you may be assured such powers are possible. Your True Nature already dwells beyond the reach self-wrecking storms. Join it; begin Now!

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