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Broken Heart (32)

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  • Reach for and Realize the Excellent Life (Interview #1)
    Radio Show

    Reach for and Realize the Excellent Life (Interview #1)

    • Posted: 5/23/11
    • Meeting: 5/17/11
    • Time: 00:56:00
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    Guy Finley's monthly call-in radio show, Guy Finley LIVE! Topics explored in this dialogue: What does it mean to reach for excellence in moments of disturbance and when I least feel like it; Excellence is a state of being, from which all things manifested come; We have a primal, archetypal urge to explore ourselves; Instead of trying to attain excellence we must live it; Our pain isn't caused...
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  • Saturday Q&A with Guy Finley (11/17/2012)
    Student Q&A with Guy

    Saturday Q&A with Guy Finley (11/17/2012)

    • Posted: 11/18/12
    • Meeting: 11/17/12
    • Time: 00:54:00
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    Saturday video Q&A with Guy Finley recorded at Life of Learning Foundation on 11/17/12. In this special Saturday discussion Guy answers GuyFinleyNow member questions on a variety of inner life topics, including: Having difficulty finding a new, meaningful relationship after divorce; How do I reconcile my dream state with my wakening state; What is the correct approach to understanding natural...
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  • Four Words for Any Family Crisis
    Short Talk

    Four Words for Any Family Crisis

    • Posted: 3/27/15
    • Time: 00:02:06
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    Announcing the worldwide release of best selling author Guy Finley's new book "The Secret of Your Immortal Self: Key Lessons for Realizing the Divinity Within." Here's your chance to master an extraordinary kind of wisdom unlike anything you've ever heard before... and receive 5 free gifts from Guy. Click here for details.

  • Familiarity Breeds Contempt
    Short Talk

    Familiarity Breeds Contempt

    • Posted: 3/30/18
    • Time: 00:01:58
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    Guy explains the interior meaning of the expression "familiarity breeds contempt," which has to do with a nature that only knows itself by revisiting the past. The more that it dwells on the past, the more dissatisfaction grows, and the less able we are to keep from falling into a pit.


The Essential Laws of Fearless Living

Here is your step-by-step guide to building the foundation of a fearless life. Learn how to see through the illusion of limitation and become unstoppable.

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