Step Out of the Circle of Self-Perpetuating Punishment
Step Out of the Circle of Self-Perpetuating Punishment
  • Posted: May 12, 2019
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Key Lesson
It is impossible to "fix" yourself, let alone do the same with the whole of your life. However, it is possible to use every unwanted moment you meet to realize a truth... that sets you free: Real Life can't be broken, any more than a crashing wave shatters the shore upon which it breaks. Each reveals and serves the purpose of the other in an order of time too great to see with the human eye. To catch even a glimpse of such a timeless relationship -- of how destruction and creation are a single act of conception and rebirth -- is the awakening of a corresponding order of being within you.

What many of us have yet to understand is that dark, negative reactions to unwanted events do nothing to cure them. In fact, these painful impulses have just the opposite effect. They actually "cement" things -- fixing both themselves and the false sense of self through which they then are empowered to run their unhappy course.

Each negative response that passes unconsciously through us actually confirms its own dark perception that life has "done me wrong"! But this is only half of its occult operation. This same conclusion -- of having been somehow victimized by an uncaring world -- virtually locks the door on the possibility of ever discovering the real lessons and the truth behind these times of trial.

Whenever life runs counter to your wishes, try to see that it really isn't life that has denied you your happiness, but that the real culprit responsible for darkening the moment is some idea you have about what you need to be happy.

Admittedly, this new and higher perception takes courage, because instead of struggling to change the "dark" condition called into question (or just silently stewing over it), you must turn and face the false self responsible for this outlook. But the truth is there is really no alternative, not if you can see that as long as this demanding self stands unchallenged within you, so will the painful pattern of fighting with unwanted events continue to occur.

The next time that life comes knocking with what you "don't want," instead of allowing yourself to be dragged through the old round-around, come wide-awake to yourself. Then, in this awareness of yourself, see that the unpleasantness of the offending moment is not actually in the event itself but is an effect of resisting your own perception that something has taken away your happiness. Key here to escaping this circle of self-perpetuating punishment is in coming awake to its existence, and how not wanting to feel a certain way is giving you the very feeling you don't want!

Instead of blindly refusing moments that seem contradictory to your contentment, and then arbitrarily pushing them away, learn how to embrace these unwanted moments. Bring them into your real life, into the light of self-awareness, instead of trying to get rid of them. Your conscious embrace invites these times to tell you about the self they help to reveal. Freedom follows.

Question: In a world where people are increasingly more rude every day, how does one cope and act or react when people seem to be so cold and basically indifferent to each other?

Answer: Any condition we meet that is unwanted, such as a rude person, is not the cause of our stress. All conditions simply offer a momentary mirror for us in which it is possible to begin seeing what we have brought with us, within ourselves, into that moment. There is no sense in trying to change people without first changing the part of ourselves that believes our very sense of self, our well-being, somehow depends upon how others treat us. Step back from your own reactions. Don't give them your life, and you'll discover they have a life of their own... and that you want nothing to do with it.

Question: Is the idea that the truth knows "all is well" simply a matter of faith? It's so hard to accept it as a fact when bad things happen!

Answer: We live in a perfectly ordered universe, a system of infallible balance. To be able to see this invisible world, with all of its perfect workings, ensures for anyone who can see it that not only "all is well," but there is no essential need for fear. The more we are able to inwardly perceive this orderly universe, the greater our ability is to let go of ourselves and allow the intelligence that created this order to do what it has been secretly doing all along... which is to invite us to take part in it. Our work is about seeing the truth of this and allowing our discoveries to guide us to the higher destination of which they hint.

Excerpted From: Seeker's Guide to Self-Freedom: Truths for Living, pages 105-107

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