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Depression / Sadness

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Depression / Sadness (72)

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  1. The Secret of Letting Go

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    If you've ever longed to have more, to experience more, to BE MORE -- then this is your chance! Discover the keys to a bigger, better, and brighter life in The Secret of Letting Go. This completely new and refreshed version of Guy's original international bestseller has been thoroughly rewritten and features 70 pages of inspiring new material...

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  2. Saturdays with Guy (10/6/2012)
    Topics covered: We live in a world that increasingly passes the buck; As thought becomes unable to deal with its problems, it turns to physical relief; No one else is responsible for your experience of the moment; Your work is to bring you to a place where you have no idea what is going on; The purpose of a sun is to illuminate the space into which it has been thrust -- in scale, this is a hum... Learn More
  3. Saturdays with Guy (8/16/2014)
    Topics covered: You live your life through the eyes and I's you see through; Reactions are memories; Thought is a form of ceaseless discontinuity; You live with a constant sense of being overwhelmed by life; Your life is not separate from all of life; You cannot grow as a true spiritual man or woman until you're willing to assume responsibility for the whole world; What to do with pain when yo... Learn More

3 Item(s)

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