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  • The Secret One

    The Secret One

    • Posted: 9/15/02
    • 48 words
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    A thousand flames, But one Fire, A thousand hearts, But one Desire. A thousand journeys, But one Path, A thousand conclusions, But One Math. A thousand sorrows, But one Night, A thousand insights, But one Light. A thousand branches, But one Tree, A thousand lovers, But one Thee.

  • Insights Into a Whole New Kind of Success
    Short Talk

    Insights Into a Whole New Kind of Success

    • Posted: 6/17/09
    • Time: 00:03:07
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    Can you fail at wanting to do something? No, it is impossible to fail at wanting to do something. When everything is said and done, what your heart of hearts wants is to have no doubts whatsoever that you spent your life wanting God's life. There is no such thing as failure in a sincere wish for God's life; in truth, the success is in the wish itself. A sincere wish holds no fear, unless it b...

  • What You Want Waits for You
    Short Talk

    What You Want Waits for You

    • Posted: 4/19/11
    • Meeting: 3/16/11
    • Time: 00:04:00
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    Topics covered: love, desire, wanting, putting truth first, God's life...
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  • There's No Sense of Self in a Right Action
    Short Talk

    There's No Sense of Self in a Right Action

    • Posted: 9/1/14
    • Time: 00:02:58
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    Guy Finley explains that true goodness is not measured by actions that validate the image we have of ourselves as being a good. An action that is truly good has no self-reference, and is the natural outcome of being present.


The Essential Laws of Fearless Living

Here is your step-by-step guide to building the foundation of a fearless life. Learn how to see through the illusion of limitation and become unstoppable.

4 Item(s)

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