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  1. Seeker's Guide to Self-Freedom: Truths for Living

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    There's a reason why we all love stories about ancient maps, sunken ships, and buried treasure. It's because these tales reflect a deep sensing we all have: that a hidden treasure actually dwells within us -- and if we could just find the way to discover it, our lives would shine every day with life's greatest wealth: the golden qualities of true confidence, unbounded energy, unfailing wisdom...

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  2. The Golden Rule: What No One Ever Told You About Love and Kindness
    Guy Finley's monthly call-in radio show 'Guy Finley LIVE!' broadcast on Topics covered: 'Do unto others' is about a living connection in consciousness; What I do to you I've done to myself first; Our mind meets moments through ideas; Childish love vs. mature love; Ceaseless reconciliation exists as a part of creation itself; Holy Spirit exists in conflict as well; Our body is... Learn More

2 Item(s)

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