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Fear / Fearlessness (252)

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  • The Power to Doubt and Dismiss Any Problem
    Short Talk

    The Power to Doubt and Dismiss Any Problem

    • Posted: 9/11/06
    • Time: 00:11:36
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    There is something in us that actually enjoys feeling stressed. We must discover that we live with an opposing self. We can catch moments of opposition by coming back to ourselves.

  • Walk Away From the Ache of What Others Think About You
    Short Talk

    Walk Away From the Ache of What Others Think About You

    • Posted: 1/21/08
    • Time: 00:14:49
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    There are parts of us that seek the approval of other people. And the degree to which we seek the approval of another is the degree to which we are owned by that person. But this also applies inwardly, as we seek approval from what we call "ourselves." To be more specific, we actually seek approval from "our" negative states. For example, we constantly ask the state of fear whether or not it...

  • See Through the Painful Illusion of Imperfection
    Short Talk

    See Through the Painful Illusion of Imperfection

    • Posted: 8/19/08
    • Time: 00:12:33
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    When all you have is yourself, you have to be afraid. And yet if you really had possession of yourself, fear would not have any power over you. And if we're really honest with ourselves, we can see that presently we lose ourselves all of the time. We are always trying to hold in place who we think we are supposed to be. That is not freedom. Being yourself is not the same thing as straining to...

  • End the Misery of Measuring Yourself
    Short Talk

    End the Misery of Measuring Yourself

    • Posted: 2/23/09
    • Time: 00:14:36
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    The only creatures that we know of that feel psychological fear are human beings. Psychological fear is impossible without negative imagination. We all live with a certain kind of fear that we consistently feed only because we presently lack proper understanding. There is absolutely no value to any form of psychological measurement. There is value to practical measurement. If you are going to...

  • A Whole Life is a Fearless Life
    Short Talk

    A Whole Life is a Fearless Life

    • Posted: 11/8/09
    • Time: 00:19:20
    • Comments (0)

    A person can spend many years searching for truth, and at a certain point, because his or her findings have been incomplete, that man or woman will begin to wonder whether or not an authentically fearless life actually exists. Truth itself wants you to know that not only does a life without fear exist, but that it is your right to have such a life. And yet there is an immense difference betwee...

  • The Secret of Gentle Intolerance
    Short Talk

    The Secret of Gentle Intolerance

    • Posted: 12/9/09
    • Time: 00:05:17
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    There are things that are true about the spiritual life that the mental man or woman will never know. Human beings are presently bullied around, pushed from pillar to post without even knowing what is happening to them. There is a corrupted state that exists in the consciousness of humanity in which there is an acceptance of interior conflict. When you begin at long last to awaken to your act...

  • Interview hosted by Teri Knight
    Radio Show

    Interview hosted by Teri Knight

    • Posted: 11/29/11
    • Meeting: 11/14/11
    • Time: 00:15:00
    • Comments (0)
    Topics covered: We don't know we're asleep until we fall into a pit; 'I go before thee to make the crooked places straight'; The Aramaic word for fear has to do with something numinous; Real religious life is the discovery of who and what we are as a part of this vast intelligence; Unwanted moments are invitations to realize each moment is a lesson; Spirituality is not evolutionary, it's volun...
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  • Be There for the Breath of Heaven
    Short Talk

    Be There for the Breath of Heaven

    • Posted: 2/13/12
    • Time: 00:07:04
    • Comments (0)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley explains what it means to wait for a "Divine touch" that makes the darkest moments into something light, bright, and right for all involved.

  • Spiritual Toughness Starts Here
    Short Talk

    Spiritual Toughness Starts Here

    • Posted: 8/25/14
    • Time: 00:11:57
    • Comments (0)

    Guy Finley explains that there is a nature inside of us that wants nothing to do with spiritual work and inner transformation. We must consciously meet this part of ourselves that is not interested in doing what is right, and work to develop the right kind of spiritual toughness so that we can be present to ourselves in every moment, in spite of what it seems to cost.

  • Awaken the Part of You That Fears No Pain
    Short Talk

    Awaken the Part of You That Fears No Pain

    • Posted: 3/19/15
    • Time: 00:13:30
    • Comments (0)

    The moment you've been waiting for is here. It's your turn to be one of the very few men and women -- perhaps 1 in 100,000 -- who have found the greatest treasure on earth. Announcing the worldwide release of best selling author Guy Finley's new book "The Secret of Your Immortal Self: Key Lessons for Realizing the Divinity Within." Here's your chance to master an extraordinary kind of wisdom u...

  • The Final and Absolute Secret to a Fearless Life
    Short Talk

    The Final and Absolute Secret to a Fearless Life

    • Posted: 12/14/16
    • Time: 00:05:10
    • Comments (0)

    Best-selling "letting go" author Guy Finley explains how psychological fear is always connected to the idea that something of value can be taken from us. But who we really are cannot be hurt.

  • Turn Limitation Into Liberation
    Short Talk

    Turn Limitation Into Liberation

    • Posted: 5/22/17
    • Time: 00:05:58
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    When we meet our limitations head on we enter into relationship with a transformative power that enables us to transcend anything that would limit us.


The Essential Laws of Fearless Living

Here is your step-by-step guide to building the foundation of a fearless life. Learn how to see through the illusion of limitation and become unstoppable.

12 Item(s)

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