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Feeling Trapped

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Feeling Trapped (16)

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  1. Exchange Your Worries for What You Really Want

    Starting at: $5.79

    We make exchanges every day. Some of them are easy to see. When we breathe, our bodies exchange carbon dioxide for oxygen. When we go to the store, we exchange money for a loaf of bread or a new pair of shoes. But other kinds of more subtle exchanges are going on all the time that we may not be not aware of. For example, the exchange of emotional and subconscious energy...

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  2. Sail Into the Harbor of Spiritual Safety
    The awareness that awakens us to the presence of some negative state is not the same as the level of self from which we have just been awakened. Learn More
  3. The Secret of Getting Unstuck
    Any dark... or otherwise heated thought or feeling that's caught up in the hell of some conflicted moment is not only happy to dwell there but -- despite its cries to the opposite -- is secretly doing all that it can to ensure that you spend your time living there too. Learn More

3 Item(s)

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