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  1. Relationship Magic: Waking Up Together

    Starting at: $7.99

    Nothing makes us ask tougher questions of ourselves than do our relationships with others, especially in those unsteady moments with someone we care for. Relationship Magic offers the knowledge and actions you need to build the kind of relationship very few men and women ever experience; one that is never stagnant, but always fresh, spontaneous, affectionate -- and above all, truly loving.

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  2. The Power to Know the Purpose of Your Life
    It is what we attend to that determines what we will ascend or descend through. Learn More
  3. Saturdays with Guy (11/19/2011)
    Topics covered: Most social conversation is an attempt to escape yourself; You can't serve personality and spirit at the same time; Most of what you think about is secretly self-confirming; Your work is to place yourself where the shocks never stop; If you have no awareness of yourself while you speak then it's not you speaking. Learn More

3 Item(s)

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