The One and Only Solution for Ending Unhappiness
The One and Only Solution for Ending Unhappiness
  • Posted: September 12, 2006
  • Duration: 8min 34sec
Talk Notes

You'll never climb out of the hole you find yourself in.

Real Life has no holes to fall into. Every hole is a self-produced hole. Your mind actually builds the hole, then looks at it and says, "How did I get in here?"

This means that if you find yourself in a hole and then struggle to climb out, the only thing you'll succeed at doing is digging the hole deeper.

Thinking about the hole you're in is the hole.

There is no hole outside of the part of you that decides a hole is what it most prefers to associate with in the moment. We literally dig a deeper hole for ourselves by thinking about how to get out of a hole. That part of us finds comfort in the familiar holes it always falls into. It actually LIKES holes.

All forms of negativity are forms of secret self-love.

To get out of a hole, you must be finished with the hole altogether. You must step out of the entire story of the hole, and simply enter the whole life. Enter the present moment and remain there.

Then the hole is gone and so is the self who was in it.

Make no mistake, this takes work. But it can be done.

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