Always Walk on the Light Side of Life
Always Walk on the Light Side of Life
  • Posted: December 18, 2005
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Key Lesson

No brighter tomorrow can dawn for us that isn't paid for each day by our work to better serve God's life, illuminate our self, and uplift the hearts of others.


The feeling that everything is right with your life comes in direct proportion to you being for everything that is right in life.

When you begin to be for God, for Truth -- before you're for yourself -- the Truth of God's Life will begin to be there before you. This Supreme Nature will start to live inside of you and do something that you've never been able to do for yourself. Which is what? Give you the feeling that -- at long last -- everything is right within you because now the whole of you is for the right thing.

You can say to someone, "Are you for the Truth of God's Life?" And usually, in one way or another, that person will indicate, "Yes, I am."

And then you might say, "But honestly, what about today? Were you for the Truth of God's Life while you were eating?"


"Were you for the Truth of God's Life when you were driving your car or cutting the lawn?"


"Were you for the Truth of God's Life during those natural breaks in your usual business either at your office or in the home?"


"Well then, how about when you went for your morning walk or while you were waiting for the bus? Were you for the Truth of God's Life during these times?"

"Not really."

"Well, when were you for the Almighty One?"

"Oh, after I was weak again I was for Him. Upon hearing the bad news, He was in my thoughts. When I went home and looked at my day and saw that I had been for ten thousand things and that none of them was for me, I called for His help."

The point is that we must each work to be for the Life of Truth -- for God's Life -- at all times. And this new wish, along with our willingness for it to be our will, must be before us twenty-four hours a day, so that it can remind us twenty-four hours a day of what everything is for.

Working with this will show you both the need for self-change as well as how to invoke it. The first change in you will be a growing sense of healthy spiritual humiliation, because you'll begin seeing that you can't remember to be for anything but what you have always mistaken as yourself! Oh, what a wonderful discovery it is to see that your present mind is only for itself, and that its nature is actually against what your heart longs for, which is to be whole; to be a new and complete spiritually awake human being.

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