How to Walk Through Every Wall In Life You Will Ever Meet

It doesn't happen often... But from time to time, one single idea, one stunning revelation, finds its way into your possession... and in doing so, it literally changes the entire course of your life. What you're about to discover will prove to be one of those rare, life-changing moments. **Because you'll be given a little-known secret for succeeding at anything...

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How to Walk Through Every Wall In Life You Will Ever Meet
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It doesn't happen often...

But from time to time, one single idea, one stunning revelation, finds its way into your possession... and in doing so, it literally changes the entire course of your life.

What you're about to discover will prove to be one of those rare, life-changing moments.

Because you'll be given a little-known secret for succeeding at anything you set your mind to in life. A secret so vast and so extraordinary, it will help you to finally get past those insidious self-limitations, all of those dark psychological walls that have kept you from trying new things, from meeting new people, and from enjoying the deepest and most fulfilling aspects of life.

And while it's true that what you're about to learn may be unlike anything you've ever heard or read about before, be assured that it holds tremendous power to lead you to an unthinkable and explosive new action in your life. An action whose far-reaching effects will astonish you in more ways than can be said.

But first let's take an honest look at an experience that has become all too common in our lives...

Escape the Dread of Another Day Lost

It's unfortunate but true...

Later tonight, millions of men and women will climb into bed, pull the covers up around their chin, and do the exact same thing that they did last night, and the night before that, and the night before that.

After fidgeting to get comfortable, they'll double-check their alarm, fluff and reposition their pillow, and then sink down, tossing and twisting as their mind bombards them with an onslaught of painful thoughts and feelings...

"I can't believe it... another day and nothing's changed! Why can't I get past this?"

"What's wrong with me?!!"

"Why can't I get started? Why can't I follow through? Why do I always give up? Why am I always putting off the most important things for a tomorrow that never comes?"

In short, "Why can't I get past this wall in my life?"

Which of These Walls Do You Struggle With?

For one woman, the wall might be the book she's been planning to write for the last 20 years. Because even after those 20 years of hope-filled dreams and endless planning, all she has to show for it is a stack of crinkled papers tucked away on the top shelf of her closet.

For one man, the wall is the fact that he's still 75 pounds overweight, achy, lethargic, and has now lost all interest in sit-ups and jumping jacks, spinach and broccoli.

For one married couple, the wall is a debilitating pattern in their relationship. Somehow, without them ever noticing, a cold indifference has crept in and replaced the genuine interest and love they once felt for each other.

And perhaps for countless others, the wall may be as simple as their inability to complete a common household chore like organizing the garage, or cleaning up the clutter around the house. No matter how hard they try, they either can't get started or can't finish what they begin.

Pain and Embarrassment: When Good Intentions Fail to Deliver

It's tough. There's no question. As if the pangs of self-defeat weren't bad enough, all of these men and women suffer recurring embarrassment each time their friends ask how the book is coming along. Or when coworkers see them huffing and puffing after climbing one measly flight of stairs. Or when their in-laws drop in for a surprise visit and fall silent at the sight of all those dirty dishes, and the mounds of laundry, and the bills and paperwork strewn across the kitchen table.

And they've tried. They really have. They've tried everything they can think of to get around these demoralizing walls. They've tried new day planner systems and new exercise programs. They've tried visualization and positive affirmations. They've tried relationship books and gratitude journals. At times they've even mustered enough willpower to smash through one of the walls -- like when they lower their head and steamroll their way through cleaning the house. But for some reason, the same wall ALWAYS returns.

What they don't realize, but which you're about to discover, is that their entire approach is laced with a disastrous flaw. A flaw that is so enormous, and yet so difficult to detect, that it's almost beyond belief.

And yet it is this very revelation that changes EVERYTHING.... and it is this very revelation that will forever change -- from this day forward -- the way in which YOU meet these so-called walls in life!

WARNING! The Incredible Mistake That Keeps Men and Women Chained to Self-Limitation

The importance of what you'll hear next cannot be overstated.

There is no greater mistake you can make than when you try to find a way around the walls that appear in your life.

Yes, it's an iron fact: All efforts to get around the walls in life -- including all attempts to smash your way through them -- are the very actions that keep those walls in place... the very actions that keep you from succeeding!


Because the wall itself is where the secret is! The wall itself contains a map that will tell you everything you need to know to get past the wall... IF you know how to read it.

Of course that idea may seem incredibly counter-intuitive. "DON'T try to get around the wall? Don't bust through it? What else could I possibly do?" If you just hear me out, what I'll explain next will prove to you that this shocking instruction holds within it the one crucial key to getting beyond any wall... to freeing yourself from any limitation... to succeeding at literally anything you want to achieve in life.

How to Be One of the Few Who Understands the Secret Purpose Behind All Walls in Life

What we've failed to realize is that, just as with all things in life, these walls appear with a very definite purpose. A truly unthinkable purpose. They're not there to block you. They're not there to punish you. They're not there to keep you from succeeding. Quite the contrary.

Please consider these next few points very carefully:

When you set a goal for yourself, or you make an intention to be a better person, think for just a moment about what you're actually doing. Wouldn't you agree that by setting the goal, you're entering into a silent agreement with life? An agreement to meet that exact same wall again, only this time you're going to meet it in a completely new way?

Of course! That has to be the case... the instant you set the goal, you guarantee yourself another run-in with the very same wall that prompted you to set the goal in the first place!

And that's exactly what's supposed to happen!

And yet for most of us, when it does happen, when the same wall appears again, we take it as a sign of defeat. As though we've failed at our intention. We tuck ourselves into our shell, cover our eyes, and wait for the danger to pass. And so we miss out on its golden purpose!

How Come No One Ever Told Us This Fact About Goal-Setting?

For some reason, when we set a goal to be kind or to be patient or to be more loving, we assume that, because of our commitment to our goal, we're somehow going to receive an unending supply of willingness and enthusiasm. And that this willingness and enthusiasm will keep us from ever having to face that dreaded wall again.

Nothing could be further from the truth. When you set an intention, you are secretly agreeing to meet the exact same wall again. Not as a possibility, but as an inevitability! The wall MUST appear again. It's a law.

But what's important to understand is that the wall doesn't appear as a punishment. Nor as an obstacle to what your heart desires.

It's the exact opposite! The wall is actually lighting the way to a permanent release of that limitation! IF you know how to use it. An example will help illustrate the point.

Do You Know How to Use the Wall Correctly? That is the Question...

Let's say a woman wants to get beyond jealousy in her relationship. That's her intention. And for the first few days, it goes fairly well.

But then the very next time she's out with her husband, she catches another woman flirting with him while he's in line buying tickets for the movie. Up surges the same terrible wall of jealousy she's struggled with for years. Frustrated by what she sees -- both within herself and out there in the world around her -- the jealousy gets the best of her and she explodes. Or she sinks into a dark pit of resentment.

What she didn't realize when she made the original intention is that her intention was destined to deliver her to the wall of jealousy again. Because that's the only way for her to learn how to be free of it.

If only she knew how to use the wall, she would find a map that leads her all the way to the end of her jealousy!

This is why, up until now, so many of our aims in life have gone unfulfilled. No one ever explained to us how all of this worked! But now it makes perfect sense!

How Did We Ever Get This Far Without Knowing These Facts?

Aren't you astonished by what you've read so far? Doesn't it explain all those years of discouragement and defeat?

At this point it bears repeating:

The wall itself -- the very thing you've been fighting this entire time -- has encoded right within the center of it, an extraordinary insight that would banish that wall from your life forever.

The wall was never intended to be the place where you muster yourself to charge forward and break through. Nor was it intended to be the place where you forge a new plan to get around the wall.

You're intended to take an entirely different action...

And That Leads Us to the Most Important Question of All

"How in the world am I to decipher the secret instructions that are inside the wall?"

First let's make one thing perfectly clear: The answer to the question you've just posed is what everything hinges upon. It alone can lead you to a kind of life very few individuals will ever be fortunate enough to discover. So it's absolutely essential that you find the complete answer.

That's why Guy Finley devoted an entire one hour program, called How to Walk Through Every Wall in Life You Will Ever Meet, to exploring this important subject. Not only does Guy answer this question, but he goes on from there to give you an understanding of the secret purpose behind all forms of self-limitation... an understanding that is truly breathtaking.

Listen to Just 35 Seconds and You'll Never Again Fall Victim to the Voice that Whispers "I can't!"

This program is special for so many reasons. But one of the most significant is the incredible explanation Guy presents at 20 minutes, 35 seconds into the program. In fact, that explanation was so powerful and so important that Guy did something he rarely ever does. He paused, right in the middle of his talk, and recommended that those listening get a copy of the program just so they could study that one, brief, 35-second excerpt.

The reason that explanation is so important is because once you understand it, there's no way you could ever again be stopped by your mind telling you, "I can't!" Never. You won't need techniques or affirmations or a truckload of enthusiasm before you can dive into a new project, or pick up that new instrument, or outsmart the temptations of that bad habit. You won't need anything at all apart from this powerful new understanding.

Because through it, you'll have found the secret for an instantaneous new beginning. One that requires no time, no preparation, no getting yourself psyched up. Instead, crossing over that threshold, breaking through that resistance, will be effortless.

So here's a recommendation: First, grab a Post-It note and jot down this time (20 minutes, 35 seconds). Then, after you've received your copy of the program, listen to it once all the way through. This will give you a solid base of understanding. Then, go back to this point in the program and review it and the surrounding information as many times as it takes until you begin to see how it operates in your own life.

Do just this much and you will have put an immense creative force to work in your life. One whose presence will have far-reaching consequence in the days, months, and years to come.

But that, of course, is only just the beginning. Because the entire program is packed with gems just like this. And here's just one more example:

BEWARE! Are Your Best Intentions Wrecking Your Life?

At approximately 25 minutes into the program, you'll learn about the shocking trap virtually everyone on earth has fallen into. It not only explains why we keep running into the exact same problems, each and every day, in every one of our relationships, but it goes on to explain why those problems grow more and more severe in spite of our best efforts.

If you've struggled with a recurring wall that you just can't seem to get past, the understanding you gain from this section will show you exactly what you're doing wrong. It won't be a mystery to you any longer.

Imagine how your life will be impacted by the information in this one extraordinary program. And not just in your day-to-day business and personal affairs, but in your spiritual life too.

Here Are the New Experiences That Await You

  • Imagine knowing from the very core of yourself, that any limitation you encounter -- old or new -- already has built into it the wisdom you need to be liberated from it. Just think how differently you would approach the difficult moments in life. It would change your entire outlook!

  • Imagine knowing how to use the appearance of any negative state -- fear, anxiety, depression, anger, jealousy, addiction, impatience, regret, resentment, hopelessness, anything at all -- imagine knowing how to use the appearance of that state to finally shatter its hold on you once and for all.

  • Imagine being able to instantly dismiss any thought or feeling that tells you "I can't!" -or- "I'm too tired!" What could possibly stand in your way? What in life couldn't you accomplish?

  • Imagine never again tiptoeing around a limitation in any of your relationships, but instead being willing and able to meet it head on the moment it appears!

  • Imagine no longer being the slave of your mirror! New sun spots, deeper wrinkles, more grey hair, their appearance simply has no control over you anymore.

  • Imagine being able to see through the lie of procrastination on-the-spot. Think of the countless ways you could benefit from this instantaneous productivity!

  • Imagine never again caving in to feelings of intimidation or inadequacy, and instead speaking your mind whenever and wherever the need arises.

  • Imagine finally getting the upper hand on all those new or unfinished projects around the house. Not to mention the expressions on your relatives' faces when they drop by for a visit and find your house spotless. The faucet fixed. The yard immaculate.

  • Imagine walking into a restaurant or a packed social gathering, and feeling no desire whatsoever to win the approval of a single person there. You have truly found the secret to being yourself. What a relief!

  • Imagine waking up in the morning without any urge to hit the snooze button, and without any compulsion to hurry up and get things done! You work at your own pace now, according to your own rules. And it turns out this new pressure-free way of working gives you a quantum leap in productivity.

  • And even with the benefits just listed, it still only just barely scratches the surface.

Don't Spend Another Moment Waiting for the Walls in Life to Disappear

Most people are waiting for the walls in their life to come down so they can finally get started on a new life. They wait... and they wait... and they wait. And the tragedy is that 20 years, 30 years, even 40 years from now, most of them will still be waiting.

Not only will they have little to show for all that time they've spent, but they will have missed out on one of the greatest opportunities a human being could ever know.

But things can be different for you.

Not only can you understand the secret purpose of the walls you meet in life, but you can be one of the few who understands the extraordinary interior action that carries you beyond them.

The discovery that awaits you is beyond anything you could possibly imagine. So take a moment right now, and use the buttons above to get your own copy of this powerful program.

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