Remember Your Real Self and Be Free!
Remember Your Real Self and Be Free!
  • Posted: November 7, 2005
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Key Lesson

Anyone can chart a course to happiness, as millions of people do on a daily basis; but only the few -- who refuse to fall into despair after losing their way -- ever find what they are looking for.


Happiness, love, peace, compassion, and contentment are timeless states of being in the Now. In their original principle they are without form, having no beginning or end. These forces of the Living Light exist in themselves and have no cause apart from their celestial source, much as the sun exists apart from the life-giving light that radiates from the surface of its hydrogen heart. But for the time being, we relate to these states of higher consciousness through largely conditioned ideas about them. We search through popular ideas and socially accepted icons for the lasting fulfillment these celestial forces alone have the power to provide, a relationship that has as much in common with what is timeless as does a watch! And so we mistake the passing sensations of life as being the same as Real Life. That's where we get tricked. For not only are the depth and breadth of these self-generated sensations confined to the limited world of manufactured ideas from which they originate, but also in our identification with them, we have unknowingly agreed to live out our lives in their little world!

Awakening to who we are created to be is the first step in letting go of all that holds us captive. I have seen wild turkeys throw themselves up against a five-foot high wrought-iron fence trying to get out of the same yard they flew into only moments before. In moments of panic -- such as when my wife would chase them out of her flower beds -- these creatures forget that they have wings! We, too, have forgotten something: we are created to be unconditionally free. As a result of our spiritual forgetfulness we continue to throw ourselves against life, trying in vain to find for ourselves what can only be found through the conscious remembrance of our True Nature.

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