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Negative States

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Negative States (144)

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  • Put Yourself in the Driver's Seat
    Special Lesson

    Put Yourself in the Driver's Seat

    • Posted: 3/30/03
    • 1213 words
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    As she boarded the luxurious tour bus, Jessica couldn't believe that she was actually taking a day off for herself. It was hard to imagine that a full six months had flown by since she accepted her new position and had moved to this small coastal city. She knew she was going to enjoy what the travel brochure had promised would be a pampered and casual day of scenic wonders. The tour was expens...

  • Develop the Indomitable Self in You
    Special Lesson

    Develop the Indomitable Self in You

    • Posted: 8/10/04
    • 1614 words
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    In this world that you and I live in, response is request. We can slightly enlarge this idea by restating it this way: The way you respond to life is also a request you make to it. See how the next few examples prove this important discovery: Someone walks into your home or office and says something to you that upsets you terribly. You respond with a negative state, continuing to brood or...

  • The Right Choice That Keeps You Safe
    Special Lesson

    The Right Choice That Keeps You Safe

    • Posted: 4/30/06
    • 1619 words
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    There was once a young prince who, having reached the age of majority, left home to live on a grand estate given to him by his father. He was told that if he ever needed help he was to put a light in the uppermost tower window, and his father would send a special horse and carriage to carry him to safety. However, his father also warned him that an evil wizard, an enemy of the kingdom, lived n...

  • Stand on the Ground of Your True Self
    Special Lesson

    Stand on the Ground of Your True Self

    • Posted: 4/15/07
    • 1400 words
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    Our sense of self, the way we experience ourselves, is very much connected to the widely varying states of emotional energies that come into us and that seem to shape the nature of our individuality. But the fact of the matter is, there is no such separate self, at least not the way we presently experience it. There are just these ceaseless states of energy and the fleeting sense of self they...


The Essential Laws of Fearless Living

Here is your step-by-step guide to building the foundation of a fearless life. Learn how to see through the illusion of limitation and become unstoppable.

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