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  • Use Every Argument to Awaken a New Way to Love One Another
    Short Talk

    Use Every Argument to Awaken a New Way to Love One Another

    • Posted: 2/4/19
    • Meeting: 5/23/18
    • Time: 00:03:18
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    When someone says something that is unkind or cruel, it's because they have perceived something in you that has produced a reaction in them. They are helpless to act otherwise, which stirs a similar reaction and helplessness within you as well. If you will meet those moments with the wish to see your own unconscious reaction instead of blame the other person for theirs, a new possibility arises.
  • Stop Letting People Push Your Buttons and Be Free
    Short Talk

    Stop Letting People Push Your Buttons and Be Free - Oregon Books and Games Store Talk

    • Posted: 3/7/19
    • Meeting: 2/10/19
    • Time: 00:56:50
    • Comments (2)

    Classroom Talk: 3/1/2019 - The only way to defeat those dark states within you that forever bully you around is to realize that in the Higher Reality of your True Nature there is no rule that says push must lead to shove!

  • Discover the Power of Self-Awareness
    Special Lesson

    Discover the Power of Self-Awareness

    • Posted: 9/21/19
    • 664 words
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    We each have, and operate from, a false nature that is a jumble of our memories, conditioning, and temperamental qualities. It is this unsuspected false nature that meets the world each day, responding to and interpreting each and every one of life's fluctuations. It is very important for us to begin to understand that of themselves these ever-changing conditions in life are neutral, but the false...


The Essential Laws of Fearless Living

Here is your step-by-step guide to building the foundation of a fearless life. Learn how to see through the illusion of limitation and become unstoppable.

3 Item(s)

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