Let Yourself Reflect the Perfect Chain of Change
Let Yourself Reflect the Perfect Chain of Change
  • Posted: January 28, 2021
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Key Lesson

Just as a those who climb mountains must, at times, reach above themselves to gain a grip on a narrow ledge, we too must dare to go beyond ourselves if we wish to reach, let alone change our destiny. To that end, we must never forget the following truth: There’s no danger in self-ascent, only in remaining who we have been.


Our True Self is not a person. It is a great spirit. And it is part of a ceaseless flow in which the idea of "good" and "bad" only exists because in that flow has been born a certain creature, given an imagination that has created a self in the name of itself. And there you have all of the problem.

When you resist what life brings and don't accept it, all you're really doing is crystallizing inside of yourself this person. You are not a person. Yes, there is a personal life. It's part of the way we communicate with each other, but it has nothing to do with the communion of real life that, like a river, is in constant movement.

We cannot change any moment, but we can receive it. And in receiving it, the nature that receives it, through awareness, is actually part of the change. Then our real life, the real river, is one thing. There's no longer me apart from the movement of life, trying to control the way it goes. I have found inside of myself that which can be in relationship with the full movement. But in order to receive the full movement, I also have to be letting go of the full movement. This is perfect life, perfect movement, perfect purity, perfect energy working itself out... and I can accept it, all or nothing.

I can accept what I'm given to be, because if I accept it and see it, it's changed and so am I. The river removes it. Oh, if you could only understand that when you get bugged, when you get frightened, when you get worried... do you know why you stay that way? Because your mind freezes the river. That's what thought does. Thought is a fast-freeze device.

But if you're doing the fundamental work, if you're present to yourself, and you're accepting what is given you to be, then what you're given to be and what you're given to see are not separate anymore. Then changing yourself becomes necessary and natural. You can see something, and you then do what you are asked to do as part of the change of your being. You know that you must say something. You know that something can't go on the way it is. But now it's not the person trying to change to protect or prove itself...it is Intelligence itself that is changing the whole of itself, that wants the rest of the whole of reality -- of nature, of sub-creation after sub-creation -- to reflect that perfect chain of change. Look how beautiful it is if you can see it!

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